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Langton Trees

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Ok, there are a few things that you should know about the database.

What records are in the database

There are more than twenty-thousand Langtons in the database representing all of the dozen or so unique Langton families. And there are thousands of other people in the database with different surnames who are linked to the Langtons in some way.

Focusing on the Langtons, there are records from the 11th century up to the present day. The medieval records we have are significant as are the modern day records. Some are unlinked individuals but most are part of joined up families (i.e. trees).

Following a monumental effort, the database now also includes all langtons born in England and Wales between 1837 and 1925, and all Langtons who died between 1837 and 2006. These records represent almost 15,000 records alone. Most of these records are unlinked, so tell us how to join them up if you know how any of them should be linked together.

On the main database sceen is a list of about a dozen langton family patriarchs. You can click on these and see the early medieval Langton patriarchs of each Langton family and their descendants that we have been able to trace. There are many other medieval Langton families in the database, and you can find these, or more rencent Langtons, via the search features provided. You can look for people by name, dates, places...all sorts of things, so have a good look.

Because there are so many langtons, searching against common first names like John will display MANY results, so try to use other data in your searches if you can: dates, places, middle names etc. if you don't find what your looking for then try broadening your criteria.

If all else fails, get in contact and ask for help because we know our way around the database Having entered most of the data ourselves - manually!

We try to run a tight ship so if you see any errors, duplicate data or anything like that then please drop us a mail so that we can correct the records in the database.

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Why the thousands of Gores and Gore-Langtons in the database?

The Gores married the last surviving Langton heiress of the famous Bristol Langtons, creating a new surname Gore-Langton. So although a different surname, we are interested in both the Gores and Gore-Langtons, particulary because this Bristol Langton family became extinct. If you're a Gore or a Gore-Langton then please get in contact. If your interested, we would really like you add your DNA to the Langton DNA project too.

Why the thousands of Greenfields in the database?

We think that many of the Greenfields out there are actually Langtons, that split from the Langton family very early around 1250 AD. We've added birth and death records from 1837-2006 in the hope that descendants of these people get in touch and consider having a DNA test to see if they are indeed the same family as the Langtons.