Lost Langton running costs

Lost Langtons has been running for about five years now, and what started as a small website for one Langton family tree, has grown to encompass more than a dozen different Langton families and their descendants all across the globe. As the site has grown, so have the costs of running it. It still is not hugely expensive, but the bigger the site gets the more storage capacity and data bandwidth we have to rent from the domain host.

The site has always been advert free and we would prefer to keep it that way.

As the site has grown, it has taken up more space and we have had to upgrade our hosting package which has increased our annual running costs for the site to approximately £70. We have been able to make this upgrade because of kind donations recieved from users of the site.

The website development, maintance, and family research we undertake is done in-house, the majority of which only costs time. However, we do incur some additional costs obtaining records, software, and hardware. These are not included in the above stated amounts, as they are not predictable recuring amounts, and to some degree are dictated by what funds are available at the time.

In the event that we recieve donations above the amount stated for the direct running costs of LostLangtons, then any additional funds are spent on covering these other indirect costs.

In June 2012 we recieved a very generous donation from David Langton of Canada, a descendant of the ancient Langtons of South Lincolnshire, England. He provided the funds for us to aquire copies of all the grants of coat of arms, from the Royal College of Arms.

These records are particularly useful because the person granted arms had to present evidence of their descend from the Langton family that they claimed to belong to. If granted the arms then they effecively are known to belong to that family. This is very helpful as a Langton family cropping up in some place distant from a Langton village is traceable via these records - we can know which Langton village they came from originally and get their family tree, often going back several generations.

It took a lot of effort but we have processed the entirety of this data. You can read and see the coats of arms in the Exhaustive Shields Article article which was put together by David from the College of Arms information and several other sources. The pedigrees from these records have been added to the Family Tree section of the site. These include a number of corrections to old trees and some new ones, including an entire new Langton family that we had not known existed as well as a long forgotten Langton village. It's likely that some of the readers of this site descend from this family. You can find that family here:

William Langton of Thorpham, near Laughton-en-le-Morthen, Yorkshire, UK

There are many other record types that hold information on the Langton families, including several hundred wills in the UK National Archives, some of which are very old and provide valuable links information on relationships, origins and general history of the family. They cost £3.50 each, and we have already been able to purchase a dozen or so thanks to donations, but buying all of them would cost several hundred pounds.

If you have purchased any of these yourself, please consider providing us with transcripts of the contents.

If you are interested in making a donation to help us aquire more of these wills, then we would welcome that.

An indirect way you can help the project - as well as yourself - is to join our Langton DNA Project by having a Y-DNA test. If you are not a male Langton, and have no living relative that could take the test - or if you have already taken a test but want to help further - then you might consider a contribution to the DNA Project's "General Fund". You can read about the General Fund here.

We have had enquiries asking if we would undertake research on a specific Langton family for a fee, and the answer is that we are happy to undertake research on your Langton family for free. If you want help with your Langton family research, just get in touch - we'll help you if we can.

If you want help with a non Langton family, then we are happy to offer free advice where we can. We would be willing to carry out more extensive research on your behalf for a fee.

If you have benefited from the site and our help, then please consider making a small donation toward these running costs, or to the aquisition of records. You can tell us what the donation is for, if you have a preferance. If not we will use it first to cover the running costs of the site, and any surplus will be used to purchase records that allow us to research Langton family trees for everyone's benefit.

You can donate via the paypal link below, or if you prefer to send a check then please contact us for our address.

Lost Langtons has been running since January 2010. This donation page has been up since April 2012 when we recieved our first donation.

Donations recieved to date:

5 GBP - 03 May 2012.

100 GBP - 16 May 2012.

64 GBP - 27 May 2012.

270 GBP - 1 June 2012 - allowed us to order Langton records from the college of arms!

20 GBP - 16 July 2012

30 GBP - 26 July 2013

120 GBP - 17 July 2014

50 GBP - 02 May 2015

500 USD - 19 May 2015 - this generous donation allowed us to get several key Langton descendants Y-DNA tested for the benefit of all Langtons everywhere

20 GBP - 18 Sep 2017

Thank you to all the donators, we are very grateful for your support! All your donations go to the running of the site and to accessing new information about the Langtons, all of which is provided on this site for free to all and will be a lasting legacy to all our descendants.