Rare Langton Blood

Now that the Langton Y-DNA project has zoomed up from 0 to 8 results in a matter of a few months we have to say how utterly astonishing the results are. Y DNA which every male carries is divided into a number of groups called Haplogroups and most of Europe is dominated by group R. Indeed within group R a sub group R1b1a2 dominates. Despite sounding like something out of Star Wars most people in England belong to this subgroup. Here are some findings of the frequency within the whole population of this sub group in Europe: Wales 92%, England 78% Spain 72-87% France 62-80% Cornwall 78%, Leicestershire 62%, Italy 45%, Denmark 43%, Holland 42%, Russia 34%, Sicily 18-30%, Greece 13%, Iran 6-15%, Pakistan 3%, China 1%. Leicestershire is intriguingly low possessing 38% of other DNA groups.

On the basis of the R1b1a2 results we would expect most Langton DNA to be R1b1a2 and indeed we do have one cluster of results that seems to be just that, with the varied surname Lanckton/Langdon/Landon, but they really are Langtons descended or associated with George Langton of Connecticut who is recorded as coming originally from Lincolnshire. Now come on Lincolnshire, let’s see if we can get a match to confirm that the Langtons of Lincolnshire are indeed a version of R1b1a2. However, far from being dominated by R1b1a2 the rest of the Langton samples are surprisingly rare.

Group I that is eye, not el seems to have originated in south east Europe about 15,000-17,000 years ago . A sub group of that is I1, which about 20% of people in England possess. This group is associated with the invasion of England by Germanic tribes, first the Angles, Saxons and Jutes in the 5-6th centuries, then the Vikings in the 9-10th century. At one time Bede the Anglo Saxon historian’s version of the invasion held sway, that the English had driven out the Welsh and replaced them. Now it seems looking at the DNA that the Anglo-Saxon invaders simply formed a ruling military elite. Danny in Canada has a typical Anglo Saxon I1 profile. Maybe his ancestors rubbed shoulders with Alfred the Great or come to think of it, maybe he’s a descendant of Alfred. Point is, are you connected to him? Have you got the same DNA as Danny’s London ancestors? Can you solve the mystery of where they came from? Despite the rarity of group I Danny is not our only representative.

Enter Stephen of Cheshire and Paul Kevin of Manchester with their I2a1 haplogroup. Now you don’t fall across that every day in the streets of England. It occurs in 40% of the population of Sardinia and 9% in the Pyrenees so how come these fine English Langtons have got it? More to the point do you match with them? We believe being Lancashire/Cheshire Langtons they may hail originally from Leicestershire. Come on Leicestershire let’s get some confirmation, but a word of warning we suspect there are at least two Langton DNA strands from Leicestershire. We don’t want anyone jumping to silly conclusions along the lines of- oh my goodness I’m not a match, I’m not really a Langton; just send in your result. We wait for the I2a1 drama to unfold as more research is done.

Lastly there is David and Joel. We were originally told we were group I but it seems we were misallocated as all our matches are all within group J . There are few people in England from group J and most of the few that exist are group J1. We happen to be J2 which occurs in Georgia 72% (No, not the USA Georgia), Azerbijan 24-48%, Cypriot Greeks 24-48%, Iraq 25%, Lebanon 25%, Kurds 28%, Chechans 26%, Ossetians 24%. As you can imagine this was not quite what we were expecting. In fact we are subgroup J2a4d found in Greeks from Crete, Iraqi Jews and Morrocan Jews. We only have exact matches with three people in the USA, one Dutchman and one Iranian. We have no known match in England under any name.

Now folks, one of you Langtons reading this will also possess this exotic DNA and will be an exact match for us. In fact it’s not just one of you it will be several hundred of you. I’m guessing you will be in Yorkshire, Durham, Nottinghamshire or Derbyshire, but I could be wrong. It could be Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Leicestershire or Northamptonshire or indeed elsewhere. You will also hold the key as to where the Newbury Langtons originate from. Please use your key and unlock the lock. So, in summary what great Langton DNA results with such varied backgrounds. Our thanks to everyone who has contributed their piece of the jig saw puzzle. It looks as if LostLangtons have the Lancashire DNA in I2a1 and we can almost say if you are in Canada, South Africa or USA, if you have that DNA you come originally from Lancashire but ultimately from the Langton villages in Leicestershire. But we do need more results from Lancashire and Leicestershire to be really confident in saying this.

Here’s to the day when we can link every Langton’s DNA with particular Langton villages. I can almost here the applause from Archbishop Stephen and we just know he’s thinking, you could never have managed it without the freedoms I got you at Magna Charta. The name of Langton will live forever!

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