woman Harriet Anne Langford‏‎ #149‎, daughter of Richard Langford and N.N.‏.
Died ‎1865 OR 1885

Married ‎21 Feb 1843 (41 or 42 years married) to:

man Charles "Charles Langton" Massingberd of Gunby, Lincolnshire.‏‎ #312‎, son of Peregrine "Peregrine Massingberd" Langton of Exeter, Devon, UK and Elizabeth Mary Anne "Elizabeth Mary Anne Massingberd" Massingberd‏.
Born ‎23 Apr 1815, died ‎9 Feb 1887 Plymouth, Devon, England‎, 71 years. Occupation: , ‎1st marriage to: Harriet Anne Langford, 2nd marriage to: Harriet Newman
one source says he died before his wife


man William Reginald Massingberd (Langton) of Lincolnshire‏‎ #6450‎
Born ‎1851, died ‎Feb 1855‎, 3 or 4 years
woman Emily Caroline Langton "Emily Caroline Langton" Massingberd of Gunby Hall, Lincolnshire and The Red House, Bou‏‎ #145
Born ‎± 1848 Devonport, Devon, UK, died ‎1897 Conway, Caernarvonshire, Wales‎, approximately 49 years
had assumed her maiden name of Massingberd, by Royal Licence, 20 Dec 1887.

a militant feminist and temperance campaigner who favoured male attire:
Emily Caroline Langton Massingberd (1847–1897[1]) was a women's rights campaigner and temperance activist. She founded the Pioneer Club in 1892 as a home for women of advanced views
woman Alice Louisa Langton Massingberd‏‎ #150
Born ‎1852 Torquay, Devon, England Newton Ab 5b 157, died ‎20 Oct 1887‎, 34 or 35 years