woman Elizabeth Proby‏‎ #66166‎, daughter of Charles Proby and Unknown Unknown‏.

Married ‎25 Aug 1687 Fort St. George, India (at least 47 years married) to:

man Governor Gabriel Roberts of of Fort, St. George, Madras‏‎ #66165‎, son of William Roberts and Martha Dashwood‏.
Born ‎± 1665, died ‎after 1734‎, ‎1st marriage to: Elizabeth Proby, 2nd married/ related to: Mary Wenman
2nd son
Receiver of sea customs at Fort St. George 1688–9; member, Levant Co. 1691–aft. 1701; asst. R. African Co. 1695–1701; cttee. Old E. I. Co. 1698–1701; dep.-gov. of Fort St. David, Madras 1702–3, 1704–9; second of council at Fort St. George 1702–9; dir. S. Sea Co. 1724–33.2
Commr. taking subscriptions to land bank 1696.3
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