woman Mary Abram‏‎ #1988‎    , daughter of Thomas Abram and N.N.‏.

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It could be this Mary Langton who founded a school in Standish, Lancashire.

Married/ Related to:

man Philip Langton of Lowe, Lancashire‏‎ #1986‎    , son of MP Robert Langton of Lowe and Unknown Leicester‏.
Born ‎1569, died ‎after 1611‎, at least 42 years

[no title] D/D La/2 1596
Bargain and sale: Edward Wood (above), servant of Philip Langton of 'The Lowe' esq., to the same Philip Langton. Above properties in Hindley, according to an agreement made with the above deed.

[no title] D/D La/3 1597
Bargain and sale: Ralph and Henry Ellyson of Hindley, yeomen, to Philip Langton of 'The Lowe', Hindley, esq. Proeprties in Hindley lately held by Alice Ellyson, widow, mother of Ralph and Henry, the same Ralph and Henry and Richard Sale, being the inheritance of Richard Ellyson, late husband of Alice.
Consideration: £62.

[no title] D/D La/4 1597
Quitclaim: Ralph Ellyson (above) to Philip Langton (above), of his interest in all the above properties in Hindley.

[no title] D/D La/5 1601
Agreement between Philip Langton (above) and Henry Lance of Abram, gent., by the mediation of John Atherton and Myles Gerrard, esquires, for the conveyance of the manor of Abram (the inheritance of Thomas Abraham), with a windmill and another messuage, from Langton and Marie, his wife, to Lance for £140.
N.B. Langton's house is called 'the hall of the lowe' in the text of this agreement.

[no title] D/D La/6 1611
Bargain and sale (partly mutilated): Alexander Standish of Duxbury, esq., to Philip Langton (above). 2 closes in Hindley called 'the shewte' and 'the towe acarre,' being 3a., and a parcel of land in a close called 'the barn hey', being 24 rood falls, all formerly held by Ralph Ellyson (above).
Consideration: £66.13s.4d.

[no title] D/D La/7 1611
Grant: Mary Abram of Abram, widow of the late Thomas, esq., to Philip Langton and Henry Lance (above). £100 remaining in the hands of Miles Gerrard of Ince, esq., and a certain bond granted by him to Mary for the same sum.


man Abraham Langton of Lowe, Lancashire‏‎ #1808    
Born ‎1598 Lowe, Lancashire, UK, died ‎1675 Lowe, Lancashire, UK‎, 76 or 77 years, buried ‎9 Feb 1675 Wigan, Lancashire, UK
A commission to take evidence, 1631
A bill of complaint had been raised against Robert Hindley and by a writ of 2 December 1631 four men of standing, Abraham Langton, Gatley the vicar, Richard Urmston and Alexander Radcliff were commanded to summon the defendant before them and on oath take down his answers. The whole writing was to be fair engrossed on parchment and returned in chancery.

man Gilbert Langton of Lowe, Lancashire‏‎ #4141    
Born ‎± 1600, died ‎before 1665‎
[no title] DX 376 3 May 1665
Lease for 3 lives at 2/- per year: for £7: Thomas Culcheth of Culcheth, esq. to Willy Langton of Hindley yeoman -- a close in Hindley called the Landlady Paddock (3r) late in the tenure of Gilbert, father of W.L., & Peter & Gilbert his brothers -- Witn: Peter Williamson, Peter Watson, Richard Astley, Richard Seddon.

Hard to place him and the others mentioned in this document, but he fits around this generation.
man William Langton of Ludlow, Shropshire, UK‏‎ #66455‎    
Died ‎± 1649
William Langton of Lindlowe, so. Salop., gent., brother & heir of Gilbert Langton of Hindley, yeoman, dec'd., to William Roycroft of Westhaughton, yeoman. -- Hindley
20 November 1649