man Fred Langton of Northallerton, Yorkshire, UK‏‎ #3051‎, son of Benjamin "Benjamin Langton, Benjamin Langton" Langton of Knaresborough, Yorkshire of Waverley House, Knaresborough, Yorkshire and Sarah Burton‏.
Born ‎± 1860 Harrogate, Yorkshire, England, died ‎15 Oct 1942 Northallerton, Yorkshire, England‎, approximately 82 years. Occupation: Ironmonger
we assume this is son of Benjamin, as he has his own son called Benjamin, and a Fred of Yorkshire was an executor in Benjamin Langton will.
Benjamin was also a Iron Mongers Manager, and with Fred being an Iron Munger this seems a resonable link.

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prob. the one who died at Northallerton in 1942

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Probate effects of £18204 3s 2d equivalent to approximately £700,000 in 2013.

Married ‎between Jul 1884 and sep 1884 Harrogate, Yorkshire, England to:

woman Christiana Elizabeth Heptonstall‏‎ #60508‎
Born ‎between Jan 1860 and Mar 1860 Norton-Le-Clay, Yorkshire, England, died ‎between Oct 1910 and Dec 1910 Northallerton, Yorkshire, England‎. Occupation: Ironmonger


man Lance Corporal Benjamin "Benjamin Langton" Langton of Kingston-upon-Thames, Yorkshire of the 2nd YorkshireRegt., (Green Howards)‏‎ #3048
Born ‎between Oct 1886 and Dec 1886 Kingston upon Thames, London, England, died ‎10 Dec 1915 France‎, cause of death: KIA, buried ‎ Amiens, France. Occupation: Carpenter

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Langton – B.                Cpl., 2nd YorkshireRegt., (Green Howards), only son of Mr. Fred Langton, ironmonger ofNorthallerton
and grandson of Mr. Benj. Langton, Waverley House, Knaresborough
woman Sarah Louisa Langton‏‎ #60585‎
Born ‎5 Nov 1888 Northallerton, Yorkshire, England, died ‎May 1988 Northallerton, Yorkshire, England‎, 99 years
woman Isabella Langton‏‎ #60554
Born ‎29 Dec 1892 Northallerton, Yorkshire, England, died ‎Jun 1969 Torbay, Devon, England‎, 76 years