man John Langton of Ecclesfield, Yorkshire‏‎ #1525‎, son of John Langton of Farnley, Yorkshire and Agnes "Agnes Sawley" Salley‏.
Born ‎± 1430, died ‎betweenTWEEN 4 Dec. 1452 - 1467‎, 36 or 37 years
The church of ALL SAINTS, Peaseholme Green, is first mentioned in a document dated between 1191 and 1206 in terms that suggest that it had been founded early in the 12th century. It was said by the citizens of York to be in the fee of Ralf Nuvel (about whom little else is known) and it is implied that it had been built by his ancestor. (fn. 2) The advowson remained in lay hands: the le Grant family presented in 1275 and 1292 (fn. 3) and were succeeded by the Salvayn family, one of whom had married a le Grant heiress. (fn. 4) Between 1337 and 1469 presentations were made by Nicholas de Langton and his descendants. In 1471 William Eure presented and in 1515 the assigns of Christopher Danby. (fn. 5) In 1582 the advowson was owned by Elizabeth Kellet of Heworth.
Was it this Langton at the exteme end of the date range? Dont know, him or a Brother it seems likely.

John Langton, Esq, son of John Langton esquire and his wife Agnes.
By his will, dated 4 December 1452, he ordered himself to be
buried in the church of All Saints in the Marsh, in the city of
York. He left to Joan his sister three milch kine. The residue of
his estate he bequeathed to John Langton his father.

This John Langton is said to have predeaceased his Father John and the date of his will seens to agree with that. The problem is that another source ( says that he died well after his father in 1505/6.

possibly the son of John Langton and Euphemia

Married/ Related to:

woman Isabel Eure‏‎ #2947‎, daughter of William Eure and Maud FitzHugh‏.

one source has Eleanor Saltmarch, but we think this is less likely than Eure.


woman Agnes Langton‏‎ #1523
Born ‎± 1450, died ‎1515‎, approximately 65 years
sole heiress.

Agnes Langton, daughter of John Langton, son of John Langton,
esquire, is mentioned in the will of her grandfather, John
Langton, esquire in 1467, "Annes doghtir to John Langton my son
newe dede and wife to the same James [Danby]" [1].

Agnes, daughter of John Langton was his sole heir. She married Sir
James Danby and died in 1515, leaving a son and heir Sir
Christopher Danby of Thorpe Perrow
woman Isabel Langton of Leeds, Yorkshire‏‎ #1591
Born ‎1454, died ‎1475 Leeds, Yorkshire, England‎, 20 or 21 years