woman Maria "Mary Langton" Langton of Tredegyr, Dyffryn, Gwent, Cymru‏‎ #1450‎, daughter of Thomas Langton and Dame Mary "Catherine Matthews" Matthews, Langton, Judde of Pentyrch, Morgannwg, Cymru‏.
Born ‎MayBE 1528, died ‎4 Nov 1573 London, England‎, 45 years, buried ‎ Barking, Essex, UK

Married ‎before 1566 winter arms of visitation in 1566 show Langton arms included. (at least 7 years married) to:

man Admiral Sir William Winter of Lydney, Gloucestershire, UK‏‎ #1449‎, son of John Winter and Alice Tirry of Cork, Ireland‏.
Born ‎ Tredegyr, Dyffryn, Monmouthshire, Wales, died ‎21 Feb 1589 Sir William died on 21.2.1589 as the result of a wound received by a gun recoiling during the Battle against the Spanish Armada in 1588.
see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Winter_(Royal_Navy_officer)

had 4 sons and 4 daughters with Mary.

4 of his cousins had been arrested for their part in the gunpowder plot of 1605 to blow up parliament. One of them was one of the chief conspiritors. 4 executed. Nice family.

Surveyor of the Navy.


Was granted Lydney, Glos. for his part in the Spanish Armada.


man Sir (M.P.) Edward Winter Knt. of Lydney, Glos.‏‎ #1594
Born ‎1560, died ‎1619‎, 58 or 59 years
He takes part in Drake's 1586 voyage to West Indies.
(Hasler, The House of Commons, 1558-1603, p. 673. ) Website on Winter naval family.
man Nicolas Winter‏‎ #1599‎

man James Winter‏‎ #2363‎