man Sir, Sheriff John Langton‏‎ #20‎, son of John Langton of Lincolnshire and Anne "Amy Palmer" Palmer of Boston and Winthorpe‏.
Born ‎24 Mar 1561 Boston, Lincolnshire, UK, died ‎10 Nov 1616 Belleau, Lincolnshire, UK believe his death was 1616 as his will is dated that year.‎, 55 years
Langton, (Sir) John (Lancton) of co. Lincoln, arm. fil. Magdalen Coll., matric. entry under date 22 Dec., 1576, aged 16; of Langton, co. Lincoln, high sheriff 1612, knighted July, 1603, student of Lincoln's Inn 1579, made his will 25 Sept., 1616, proved 5 Dec., following; brother of William 1589,father of Peregrine 1607, Roger 1605, and Robert 1620. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg.
Alumni Oxonienses 1500-1714

Had a carriage to get from A-B. Quite early for carriages and you wouldn't really expect them so early in Lincs, but he had one.

William Skipworth mentioned him in his will. Sir Johns great grandfathers sister, Frances had married a Skipworth, so seems the same family.

later of Bolton (apparently) Sherrif of Lincolnshire. One source says he was born in Leicstershire. One source has him marrying someone 1606 in Leicester, Leicestershire

source pointing to Leicstershire, says he had a daughter by an unknown marriage, called Mary.
Birth: Bef Feb 1607 in Wigton Magia, Leicestershire, England
Death: 7 Apr 1697 in Southold, Long Island (Now Suffolk Co., )
Who went on to marry Barnabus I. HORTON b: 13 Jul 1600 in Mousely, Lancastershire, England.
Dates dont match up really. I think it is more likely that this is his Sister, not Daughter. She would have been the right age to have got married in 1600, and we know she exists.

One source has him having two children, John and Mary:
- John , 4Th. LANGTON 1 was born Sep 1609 in Leicester, Leicestershire, England.

- Mary LANGTON was born before 14 Feb 1606/1607 and died 22 Oct 1670.

Describes himself as Late of Langton

mayor of Boston 1611.

His inventory, 1616:

Married/ Related to:

woman Elizabeth "Elizabeth Dallyson" Dallison‏‎ #4‎, daughter of William "William Dallison" Dallyson of Laughton and N.N.‏.
Born ‎ Laughton, Lincolnshire, UK, buried ‎11 Apr 1592
she died (presumably) as Sir John Langton had a second wife, Katherine, who he mentions in his will.


man William Langton‏‎ #34
Born ‎1586, died ‎before 1664‎, at most 78 years
Langton, William of co. Lincoln, arm. Magdalen Coll., matric. 10 July, 1601, aged 14; of Langton, co. Lincoln (s. Sir John); student of Lincoln's Inn 1606, brother of Charles, etc. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg.
Alumni Oxonienses 1500-1714

Proved his father's will 5 Dec 1616.

presented to the church at Langton, 1627, 1648, 1651.

Common Recovery in 1620 to remove the entail on the estates. Later he sold it to his Uncle George, and Cousin George.

page 58 (1634) shows he was of Langton at this date:
man Roger Langton‏‎ #41
Born ‎1587, buried ‎6 Feb 1625 N.L. (near Langton?)
Langton, Roger of co. Lincoln, militis fil. Magdalen Hall, matric. 22 Nov., 1605, aged 18 (s. Sir John); brother of Peregrine 1607, and Robert 1620.
Alumni Oxonienses 1500-1714

a memorial to him, 1605, in Langton-by-Spilsby church.

Probably him in 1626:
man Valentine Langton‏‎ #44‎
Born ‎1588
ob.s.p. = died without issue

but alive in 1616.

an unchecked source on ancestry says that a Valentine Langton (likely this one, i would think) had a daughter Bridget.
woman Elizabeth Langton‏‎ #48
Died ‎before 1614 Her husband, William Lockton had his first child by his second wife, who was baptised in May 1614. This strongly suggests that Elizabeth had died before this date.
man Thomas Langton of Lincolnshire?‏‎ #487‎
Buried ‎27 Mar 1592
woman Susan Langton‏‎ #488‎
Buried ‎20 Dec 1584
woman Barbara Langton‏‎ #489‎
Buried ‎4 Feb 1616

2nd marriage/ relation
man Sir, Sheriff John Langton‏‎ #20‎, son of John Langton of Lincolnshire and Anne "Amy Palmer" Palmer of Boston and Winthorpe‏.

Married/ Related to:

woman Katherine "Katherine Littlebury" Butler‏‎ #37‎, daughter of Sir Anthony Butler and Margaret Wogan‏.
Born ‎± 1572 Coates By Stow, Lincolnshire, England, died ‎2 Nov 1635 Louth, Lincolnshire, UK‎, approximately 63 years, 1st married/ related to: Thomas Littlebury of Ashby Puerorum, ‎2nd married/ related to: Sir, Sheriff John Langton


man John Langton of Lincolnshire‏‎ #38‎
Buried ‎14 Aug 1603
man John Langton of Lincolnshire?‏‎ #39‎
Buried ‎7 Oct 1604
man Robert Langton‏‎ #40‎
Born ‎1602

under age 1616.

Langton, Robert of co. Lincoln, equitis fil. (knight's son) Broadgates Hall, matric. 5 May, 1620, aged 18, demy Magdalen Coll. 1617-19, B.A. 10 May, 1620; brother of Peregrine 1607, of Roger 1605, and of William 1601. See Bloxam, v. 81.
Alumni Oxonienses 1500-1714
man Charles Langton‏‎ #491‎
Born ‎1595
Langton, Charles of co. Lincoln, militis fil. Magdalen Hall, matric. 14 June, 1611, aged 15;B.A. from Magdalen Coll. 9 Dec., 1615; probably a son of Sir John Langton, of Langton, co. Lincoln;brother of Robert 1620, etc.
Alumni Oxonienses 1500-1714

NOT MENTIONED IN SIR JOHNS WILL. Source seems to be "Notes of the family" by Neville Langton.
woman Margaret Langton of Bellowe, Lincolnshire‏‎ #46
Born ‎1599
Daughter of Katherine according to the College of Arms.

1616 - mentioned in her father's will.

Mentioned in her brother Peregrine's will of 1657.
man Peregrine Langton of Louth, and Bilsby, Lincolnshire, UK‏‎ #45‎
Born ‎1593, buried ‎9 Feb 1657/8 Bilsby, Lincolnshire, UK alternate date recorded by Charles Langton (The Langtons of Langton) 5 Feb 1658
of Louth 1633

Langton, Peregrine militis fil. Magdalen Hall, matric. 4 Dec., 1607, aged 14; ordered 25 Aug.,1624, to be created M.A., (s. Sir John), of Louth 1633; brother of Roger, and Robert 1620. SeeFasti, i. 419.
Alumni Oxonienses 1500-1714

according to records from the college of arms, he was third son of Katherine.
partial transcript of Will:

Peregrine Langton of Billesby, Co. Linc. - (Dat. 20 Apr. 1657) - Cousin of Geo. Langton of Oxcombe - Manor of Mumby - Lands in Mumby, Hogsthorpe and Mumby Chappell, Gayton, Withern, Wells, Mawthorpe and Wellowby purchd. of Rich Filkin esq. - Land in Billesby, called Dunlands purchsd. of Fras Wolby gent. - Wm. son and heir of Sr Wm. Quadring and his bros. Rich. And John - Sist. Margaret. Holme and her dau. Kath Holme. - Christopher Holme Margaret Holme and Katherine to acquit my exor. of all legacies given them by Dame Katherine Langton long since decd. - Serv. William More - Lands in Winthorpe and Skegness - Wm. More of Louth - Godson Peregrine More - Edward More - Cousin William Langton son to Doctor Langton - Cousin Margaret Butler, daughter of my uncle John Butler - Bequest to Free School at Alford for the augmentation of the schoolmasters stipend - William Wolley esq. supervisor - William Fitzwilliam, William Ballett, Dymocke Walpole, Chas. Wooley, George Cutbert of Willoughby, Eustance White - Leg. to the poor of Billesby, Alford, Mumby and Tothil - Said George Langton exor. - Peregrine Langton - sealed with mine own seale of arms - Wits: - Anth. Garley, Will. Carey. (Pr. 24 March 1657/8 P.A. p92)
woman Rose Langton‏‎ #814

daugher of Katherine, according to the records of the College of Arms.