man Sir Henry Langton Knt. baron of Newton, Lancashire‏‎ #1006‎    , son of Sir (Knt.) Ralph "Radulphus Langton, Rafe de Langton" Langton of Walton and Newton and Alice Unknown‏.
Born ‎1419, died ‎13 sep 1471‎, 51 or 52 years
sucseeded his father at age of 12.

this henry mentioned here?:

Son of Sir Ralph de Langton.
13 Aug.1432   Settlementof the action taken by himself, Thomas Langley, Bishop of
                        Durham(q.v.), James deLangton(q.v.) and Henry de Kighley(q.v.)
                        againstLawrence de Standissh(q.v.) and his son, Alexander, deforciants
                        ofthe advowson of the church of Wigan, Lancashire.

Married/ Related to:

woman ELizabeth Unknown‏‎ #1007‎    
Died ‎17 Nov 1472


man Sir Richard "Robert Langton" Langton Knt. Baron of Newton, Lancashire‏‎ #1008    
Died ‎23 Aug 1500
marched to the north with the Duke of Gloucester, afterwards Richard III, and Lord Stanley, and was made a knight banneret by the latter at Hutton Field in 1482.

Assumed to be the following:
Studied at Cambridge [ Cambridgeshire].
B.A. (Oxford);
M.A. (Oxford) 1453/4 .

1475       He was granted certain lands etc. in Little Harwood byRichard
(  ref. DDTO O 3/46)
from :

The Cumberland visition has his as Robert, not Richard.

18 Aug.1483   He wasone of those ordered to attend Richard at Pontefract on the 26th.
                        (Harl.433II pp.10-11)
     Dec.            Granted an annuity of £10. (Harl.433I p.104)