man Rev. Christopher Langton of Castle Hedingham, Essex, UK‏‎ #901‎    , son of Unknown Langton and Unknown Unknown‏.
Born ‎± 1550, died ‎25 Feb 1619/20 Essex, England died age 70.‎, approximately 69 years, buried ‎29 Feb 1619/20 Castle Hedingham, Essex, UK 29 Feb 1619[/20] Bur Christopher LANGTON Gentleman Minester of this towne was Buried the 29th of ffebruary 1619. Jacobi Anglie 17o

Alias: Lancton, Christopher
Matric. pens. from BAPMIST'S, May, 1567.
Probably a grandson of Sir Thomas, of Walton-in-the-Dale, Lancashire. B. in London.
B.A. 1570/1 .
Perhaps adm. at Lincoln's Inn, 11 Apr., 1573;
of London.
Ord. deacon (London) 08 Feb., 1578/9, age 29.
P.C. of Castle Hedingham, Essex, 1598-1620 .
Will (Cons. C. London) 1620 .

It should be noted that he was probably P.C. of Castle Hedingham starting in 1578 (The register states Langton (as vicar) before an entry on the 6th Dec 1579) and not 1598 as
recorded in Alumni Cantabrigienses: A Biographical List of All Known Students ..., Volume 1.
It should also be noted that there was an Elizabeth Langton baptised on 05 Nov 1577 in St Mary,
St Denys, and St George, Manchester, Lancashire, England, daughter of Christopher Langton. It is
possible that this was Christopher's first child (first wife was also named Elizabeth), though we are uncertain of the link at the moment.
Christopher Langton and Elizabeth Unknown had the following children:
i. ELIZABETH2 LANGTON was born about 1577 in Manchester, Lancashire, England.
2. ii. CHRISTOPHER LANGTON was born about 1580 in Essex, England.


and about his memorial:
T/Z 151/250  Monumental inscriptions at St Nicholas, Castle Hedingham  Monumental inscriptions at St Nicholas, Castle Hedingham 
Level: Item
Dates of Creation 2011
Extent 1 volume
Scope and Content Monumental inscriptions of 1619-2000 in the church and churchyard, recorded 2007 with the assistance of an earlier record by L. Haydon Whitehead, pre 1984 (held by the Society of Genealogists).
Includes indexes of persons, occupations, places in Essex and places outside Essex, with plans of church and churchyard.
Monuments in churchyard include those of Amy Shilling 'for 30 years a faithful friend and servant in the family of Henry Lake of Highgate' [Middlesex], 1882; John Huttson, 'officer of Excise in this place four years', 1823; John Crick 'late coachman of Heddingham Castle who died in his servitude', 1789; Joseph Drury 'for 38 years an honest and faithful servant', 1847; war memorial for First and Second World Wars, including Eric Ravilious (the Memorial Hall in Church Lane having been dedicated in 1954 as a further memorial for both wars); Mary [Murray], 'during many years the honest careful and diligent servant of Lewis Majendie Esq of Hedingham Castle', 1794 [not found 2007].
Monuments in church include those of Vero William Taylor, listing large number of elected offices in local government, 1914; Christopher Langton, preacher, 1619, restored for Lewis Majendie, 1819; war memorials for First and Second World War, including Eric Ravilious; references to Guild of St Nicholas, 1886-1925 (C1, C5, C7, C30).

His shield used to be on a memorial slab on the floor, but was moved to the wall on the north wall of the church and refurbished two hundred years after it's creation. It is still there (2014) and shows a single chevron. It may be that this originally had three chevrons, or used to have three items on the field of the shield, between the chevron.

Thomas Langton of Castle Hedingham appearing two or three years after Christopher's death, must be related. His son?

the Clergy database there is Christofer Langton who becomes vicar of Finedon (thingdon) wellingborough Northants in 1579 seemingly July. Although the database gives dates 1579-82 without any evidence a different vicar is there by 1580. It looks like he went to Finedon in July 1579 and got a better offer in December and went to CH.

Related to Thomas Langton [7184] nearby

Married ‎4 Nov 1583 Castle Hedingham, Essex, UK (32 years married) to:

woman Agnes "Agnes Yeldham" Yeldan of Castle Hedingham, Essex, UK‏‎ #25844‎    , daughter of Richard Yeldan and N.N.‏.
Born ‎± 1550, died ‎sep 1616 Castle Hedingham, Essex, UK‎, approximately 66 years, buried ‎30 sep 1616 Castle Hedingham, Essex, UK 30 Sep 1616 Bur Agnes LANGTON wife of Christopher LANGTON Gent was buried ye 30th of September 1616 Jacobi 14o.

family appear to be local, perhaps from Great Yeldhan, Essex. Spelling of name?


man Francis "Francis Langton" Langton of Castle Hedingham, Essex, UK‏‎ #60682‎    
Buried ‎2 May 1599 Castle Hedingham, Essex, UK
woman Sibil "Sibil Langton" Langton of Castle Hedingham, Essex, UK‏‎ #60683‎    
woman Margaret "Margaret Langton" Langton of Castle Hedingham, Essex, UK‏‎ #60684‎    
Buried ‎9 Apr 1594 Castle Hedingham, Essex, UK
woman Anna "Anna Langton" Langton of Castle Hedingham, Essex, UK‏‎ #63665‎    
man Richard "Richard Langton" Langton of Castle Hedingham, Essex, UK‏‎ #60686‎    
man Thomas "Thomas Langton" Langton of Great and Little Waldingfield, Sudbury, Suffolk of Castle Hedingham, Essex, UK‏‎ #7184‎    
Died ‎after 1639
Repository: Essex Record Office
Level: Category Estate and Family records
Level: Sub-Fonds DEEDS
Reference Code: D/DMh T149
Dates of Creation: 1573-1703
Extent: 11
Scope and Content: Deed of messuage previously in occupation of Thomas Langton and now of John Ellis (1\'bd a.), Lt. Waldingfield, 3 closes of land and pasture called Homecrofts (12a.), Lt. Waldingfield, several closes land and pasture called Marlings Pitts alias Marle Pitts and Brownings Crofts (10a.) Lt. Waldingfield, 3 closes of land called Hardings Went (20a.), Great and Lt. Waldingfield, closes of land or pasture called Brownings (6a.), Lt. Waldingfield, field of pasture called Millfield Lay with Bushy Grove adjg. formerly stubbed up, (7a.), Lt. Waldingfield, Suffolk (abuttals given throughout)

Perhaps this Mr Langton paying ship money in 1639/40:

Clearly related to Rev Christopher of Castle Hedingham [1420]

-- MERGED NOTE ------------

assumed to be the same Thomas, son of Rev Christopher.

2nd marriage
man Rev. Christopher Langton of Castle Hedingham, Essex, UK‏‎ #901‎    , son of Unknown Langton and Unknown Unknown‏.

Married ‎± 1575 (approximately 44 years married) to:

woman Elizabeth Unknown‏‎ #60677‎    
Buried ‎4 Apr 1583 Castle Hedingham, Essex, UK


man Vicar Robert "Roberti Langtone, Roberti Langton, Robert Langt" Langton of Highworth of Castle Hedingham, Essex, UK‏‎ #60706    
Died ‎1654/5, buried ‎4 Feb 1654/5 Wiltshire, UK this record from FamilySearch's deaths and burials. Other Langton records in the batch are from Highworth. This is the only Robert we know of (except his son), so he is the most likely him, especially as it fits with other evidence on his life.
we assume siblings of Christopher and Elizabeth who got married and lived in Highworth also.

Langton, Robert B.A. from St. John's Coll.,Cambridge, 1600-1, M.A. 1604, incorporated 30 Aug., 1605; vicar of Highworth, Wilts, 1610, until sequestered in 1647, and perhaps rector of Otterham, Cornwall, 1615. See Add. MS. 15,671, p. 238; & Foster's Index Eccl.
Alumni Oxonienses 1500-1714

Also: (Perhaps matric. pens. from Christ's, Michs. 1597.)Will (P.C.C.) 1655 .

C 5/379/118.
Short title: Langton v Milles.
Plaintiffs: Robert Langton clerk.
Defendants: Toby Milles, and [unknown] Gover.
Subject: property in Highworth vicarage, Wiltshire.
Document type: two answers

Could be the Robert son of Christopher Langton mentioned in James the woolwinder's will, 1629.
woman Elizabeth Langton of Highworth, Wiltshire‏‎ #902    

we assume siblings of Robert and Christopher who got married and lived in Highworth also.

If this marriage is correctly placed then she cannot be the Elizabeth Langton talked about in James the woolwinder's will in 1629.
man Christopher "Christopher Langton, Christofer Lauton, Christpo" Langton of Highworth, Wiltshire of Castle Hedingham, Essex, UK‏‎ #898    
Buried ‎13 Oct 1623 Highworth, Wiltshire, UK think this came from FamilySearch? Does it state Highworth?
we assume related to Rev Robert Langton of Highworth also, but no certain evidence.

One of his daughters died on 30 July 1635. Record is ink damaged so can't read first name.

dad, from a previous visit to the chippenham archive, wrote: christofer lauton son of james 22 sept 1588. Confirmed on Ancestry.
1265. Thomas Thatch and Christopher Lanckton, both of Highworth, for the like offence; information by the same, 23 Jan. 1619. (Hil. 16, rot. 64.)
The previous entry says:
1264. Thomas Cole and Thomas Morris, both of Badveny, and Thomas White and John Dereham, both of Chiselton, for engrossing corn, as in no. 1258; informaiton by Samuel White of London, yeoman, 15 Sept. 1618. (Ibid., rot. 140d.)
Engrossing - the getting into one’s possession, or buying up, large quantities of corn, or other dead victuals, with intent to sell them again. This must of course be injurious to the public, by putting it in the power of one or two rich men to raise the price of provisions at their own discretion.
woman Mary "Mary Langton" Lancton of Great Coxwell, Oxfordshire, UK‏‎ #58130‎ probably a Langton. Recorded Lancton    
Born ‎± 1583, buried ‎1656 Great Coxwell, Oxfordshire, UK
Not a Shrivenham Langton.

Probably the Mary, known to be a daughter of Christopher of Castle Hedingham.

Could be the Robert son of Christopher Langton mentioned in James the woolwinder's will, 1629.