man M.P. William Langton of Preston.‏‎ #944‎    , son of Mayor Roger Langton of Preston, Lancashire, England and Margaret Rogerson of Preston, Lancashire, England‏.
Died ‎1659, buried ‎25 Oct 1659
Of Liverpool, and Preston and Broughton Tower, Lancashire.

Member of Presbetarian Classes (1646)

M.P. Preston (1645-53) - Bet that was fun, with the Battle of Preston taking place in 1648. Cromwell and the duke of Hamilton. The battleground was mainly around Walton-le-Dale where William Langtons ancestors had been Barons. Writ issued 14 October 1645 (MP)
Served the offices of Town Clerk of Preston and Recorder of Liverpool.

Matric. pens. from ST JOHN'S, Easter 1628, as 'Lawton.'
One William Langton, s. and h. of Roger, of Preston-in-Amounderness, Lancashire, was adm. at Gray's Inn, 28 Apr., 1630.
Called to the Bar, 23 Jun., 1637.
Ancient, 1654 .
M.P. for Preston [ Lancashire], 1645 .
Town clerk of Preston [ Lancashire], and recorder of Liverpool [ Lancashire].
Of Broughton Tower [ Lancashire???], Esq.
Buried at Preston [ Lancashire], 25 Oct., 1659.
(Vis. of Lancs., 1664 ; Foster, Lancs. Pedigrees.)

One reliable source says he took the Talbot crest.

Married/ Related to:

woman Jane Lever‏‎ #945‎    , daughter of William Lever of Eersal and N.N.‏.


man William Langton of Broughton‏‎ #946    
Born ‎1649 Broughton, Lancashire, England, buried ‎3 Jan 1679/80
Langton, Williams. William, of Preston, co.Lancaster, arm. Brasenose Coll., matric. 17May, 1667, aged 18; of Broughton tower, co.Lancaster, student of Gray's Inn 1667; baptised 7 June, 1649; buried at Preston 3 Jan., 1679-80.See Foster's Lancashire Collection.
Alumni Oxonienses 1500-1714
man Woolen Draper John Langton of Preston, Lancashire and of Cockermouth, Cumberland, UK‏‎ #2954    
Born ‎1656, buried ‎1686
he has more descendants, or his Son Issac does as there are Langton in Cockermouth in late 1700s, including Sheriff John Langton of Cumberland.
man Mayor Richard Langton of Preston, Lancashire‏‎ #1033    
Born ‎1658, buried ‎1731
Mayor of Preston in 1692. (Taylor?)
Sword a Burgess 1682 Mayor of Preston 1692, and 1693
man Thomas Langton of Lancashire‏‎ #1035‎    
Born ‎1650, died ‎after 1714‎, at least 64 years
Lived abroad many years.
woman Mary Langton of Preston, Lancashire, UK‏‎ #53032‎    
Died ‎1714
woman Anne Langton of Lancashire, UK‏‎ #53033‎    
Buried ‎27 Jun 1682 Manchester, Lancashire, UK
woman Elizabeth Langton of Lancashire, UK‏‎ #53034‎    
man Roger Langton of Lancashire, UK‏‎ #53035‎    
Born ‎1660, died ‎after 1682‎, at least 22 years
Named on the Guild Rolls of 1662 and 1682
man Woolen Draper Edward Langton of Preston, Lancashire, UK‏‎ #53036‎    

named on the Guild Roll of 1662.
man Roger Langton of Lancashire, UK‏‎ #53037‎    
Buried ‎13 Feb 1646/7
died in infancy