woman Dorothy Abbott‏‎ #24‎, daughter of William Abbot of Handen, Suffolk, UK and N.N.‏.

described as Widow of Oxcombe in Feb. 1655.

Married/ Related to:

man George Langton of Mareham-le-fen, Lincolnshire‏‎ #22‎, son of John Langton of Lincolnshire and Anne "Amy Palmer" Palmer of Boston and Winthorpe‏.
Died ‎before 1655 assuming the note about his wife is correct., buried ‎ Oxcombe, Lincolnshire, UK, 1st married/ related to: Alice Agnes Smith of Algarkirk, Lincolnshire, ‎2nd married/ related to: Dorothy Abbott
of mareham le fen - 1634
page 58:

a legate of his cousin Robert Thornhill, 26 June 1653.