man Sheriff Thomas "Unknown Langton" Langton of Teeton, Northamptonshire, UK of Teeton, Northamptonshire‏‎ #8421‎, son of Sheriff Thomas Langton of Northamptonshire and Elizabeth Stratton of Northamptonshire‏.
Born ‎1746, died ‎28 May 1801‎, 54 or 55 years, buried ‎6 Jun 1801
Sheriff in 1769 according to the book, The Langtons of Langton, by Charles Langton, and its true:

Inheritted property from his father.

Ravensthorpe, Northamptonshire. Hatchment - Probably 1801 Thomas, son of Thomas and Elizabeth Langton. He married Susannah daughter of Joseph Basset.

Married/ Related to:

woman Susannah Basset‏‎ #8422‎, daughter of Joseph Basset and N.N.‏.
Died ‎1813, buried ‎12 Jun 1813


woman Jane Langton‏‎ #1841‎
woman Alice Langton‏‎ #1840‎
Died ‎INFANT Teeton, Northamptonshire, UK, cause of death: unsure of location.
man Capt. Stephen Langton of Minorca (28th foot)‏‎ #1835‎
Died ‎Aug 1809 Minorca
man John Langton of Tetton, Northamptonshire‏‎ #1814
Born ‎3 Dec 1763, died ‎14 Jul 1814 The 1814 New Monthly Magazine reported the death of John Langton Esq aged 81 at Teeton House.‎, 50 years
man Lietenant Unknown Langton of Jamaica (35th foot)‏‎ #1832‎
Born ‎± 1771, died ‎1808 Jamaica‎, approximately 37 years
35th foot.

This may be two brothers. Unclear.
woman Sussanah Langton of Teeton, Northamptonshire‏‎ #1836
Born ‎1781
census age 70 - 1841
man Richard Henry Langton of Teeton, Northamptonshire‏‎ #1833
Born ‎1774 Teeton, Northamptonshire, England
WHEREAS some Person or Persons did late on Thursday Night the 11th, or early on Friday Morning the 12th of this instant, November, KILL, and steal the Carcase of, a SHEEP, the Property of R.H. LANGTON, of TEETON-HOUSE, leaving the Skin and Entrails in the Close.
Whoever will give Information of the Offender or Offenders, shall, upon his or their Conviction, receive a Reward of FIVE GUINEAS, of me,
Teeton-House, Nov.13th, 1802.

1851 census:
R. Henry Langton (76) and wife Mary, in Spratton. Henry was an annuitant (living off the income of an annuity). He was born in Teeton.