woman Letita "Lelita Unknown" Pownall‏‎ #7360‎
Born ‎1835, died ‎1 Dec 1890‎, 54 or 55 years

Married/ Related to:

man Walter "Walter Langton" Langton of Wandsworth, Surrey and Isle of Wight, UK of Gatcombe House, Isle of Wight‏‎ #7050‎, son of Gentleman and Master Thomas Langton of the Ironmongers Company and Elizabeth Watney‏.
Born ‎4 Dec 1822, died ‎15 May 1896‎, 73 years. Occupation: ‎ Isle of Wight, Hampshire, UK; Brewer
'came good' thru'timber trading and some speculative property development in Wandsworth (hence: Langton Street), and having made a fair sum doing that, moved to The Isle ofWight to invest with Mew in the Mew Langton Brewery of Newport, IoW, which did fairly well owning about 50 houses within IoW and the S'oton / New Forest area of Hampshire.

Freedom of ironmongers coy. by patrimony 31 Jan 1844.

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man Stephen H "Stephen Langton" Langton of the Isle of Wight, UK‏‎ #67138
Born ‎Aug 1870 Kensington, London, England, died ‎1939‎, 68 or 69 years
one of the youngest of many. one of eight
woman Constance Langton of the IoW‏‎ #8167‎
man Major Major Herbert Francis "Henry F. Langton" Langton of the King's Dragoon Guards of the 1st Dragoon Guards‏‎ #7528
Died ‎after 1902


The Great War campaign service group of three awarded to his father, Major H. F. Langton, late 1st Dragoon Guards
1914-15 Star (Major, 1-D. Gds.); British War and Victory Medals, M.I.D. oak leaf (Major), with original card forwarding boxes, extremely fine (8) £1800-2200
Herbert Francis Langton was commissioned into the 1st King’s Dragoon Guards in October 1890 and was advanced to Lieutenant in September 1892 and to Captain in June 1898. Active service followed in South Africa 1901-02, for which he received the Queen’s Medal with 4 clasps, but sometime thereafter he was placed on the Special Reserve. Recalled in the Great War, he was twice mentioned in despatches, firstly for services as C.O. of 10th Entrenching Battalion, 1st Brigade of Guards (Cavalry) and secondly for services as a Major, Dragoon Guards (London Gazette 15 June 1916 and 4 January 1917 respectively); his MIC entry reveals that he was not actually issued with his 1914-15 Star Trio until February 1926.

man Ernest Charles "ERNEST CHARLES Langton, Ernest C Langton" Langton of IOW‏‎ #1407
Born ‎1868 London, England, died ‎1929 Isle of Wight, Hampshire, UK‎, 60 or 61 years
Adm. pens.
at TRINITY, May 30, 1887.
S. of Walter (? 1862), of Gatcombe House, Isle of Wight.
B. 1868, in London.
School, Wellington.
Matric. Michs. 1887; B.A. 1890.
Football (Rugby) 'blue,' 1888, 1889.
Died 1929.
Perhaps brother of Stephan H. (1890), etc.


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man Walter John Langton of The IoW‏‎ #8169

Freedom of Iron mongers coy. by patrimony 30 April 1890.

One of the subscribbers of the book The Langtons of Langton, by Charles Langton. Perhaps a descendant now owns a copy?