man Richard "Richard de Langeton" Langton of Leicestershire‏‎ #5026‎    , son of Jurer Robert "Robert de Langeton" Langton of Langton, Leicestershire and N.N.‏.
Died ‎after 1207-1272

Married/ Related to:

woman Sarra Unknown‏‎ #5027‎    


man Ivo "Ivo de Langeton" Langton of Leicestershire‏‎ #5442    
Born ‎before 1256, died ‎between 1256 and 1279‎, 22 or 23 years
Concerning fines of gold. Ivo de Langeton’ gives the king half a mark of gold for the same to be paid at the same term. Order to the sheriff of Leicestershire etc. He has paid Arcald etc. and is quit.
1256 -
man Robert Langton of West Langton, Leicestershire‏‎ #943    
Born ‎1240 West Langton, Leicestershire, UK
man Walter Langton of Billesdon, Leicestershire‏‎ #3019    
Born ‎1200S langton

The most likely guy we can find to be the father of Walter (peverell) Langton, Bishop of Lichfield, and Coventry.