man Sheriff John Langton of Bristol and Easton Piercy, Wilts‏‎ #542‎, son of Mayor and Sheriff John Langton of Bristol and Alice Unknown of Bristol‏.
Born ‎± 1600, died ‎Apr 1645/6‎, approximately 45 years
thornhill passed to him by his father in 1625.
While the Langtons had it
The Manor House is vcr)' large and well built, in the old Wiltshire
style so common in this neighbourhood, with bold gables, orna-
mented freestone chimneys, and casement windows. In 1630,
soon after it had passed from the Snells to the Langtons, all the
older house then standing was taken down and rebuilt, except the
Hall and some smaller portions. The parts rebuilt by the Langtons
are distinguished by dates and initials. On one chimney " I L.
A L. 1G30." (John and Alice Langton) : on another "T L. 1664."
(Thomas Langton) : and on the west front " I L. 1631." (John
Langton). The older part which they did not take down, is still
left, and forms a north wing. Its principal window, described
by Aubrey as of " peculiar old fashion, " is of six lights, divided
by stone mullions and crossed by one transom. Above it is another,
once of like size, but now partly blocked up. The two stand out
in bold projection under a sloping tiled roof. The other windows in
tliis more ancient portion, being of ecclesiastical style with cinquefoil

John Langton was Warden of the Bristol Merchant Venturers Company in 1630/1, Treasurer in 1639, and Warden in 1641.

Sheriff of Bristol in 1634, Alderman from 1638 until death.

John Langton junior paid £10 ship money during the reign of Charles I.

During the Civil War when Bristol was captured by Prince Rupert of the Rhine, John Langton was amongst those who paid £200 to prevent the troops from plundering the city but taxes were levied. In compensation Charles I in 1643 granted the Bristol Merchant Venture Company the right to trade with Russia, Turkey, Denmark and the Hansa towns.

St edmund Hall
This John (i think) who benefited from the Newfoundland Plantation project, under the Bristol Merchant Venturers Company, as well as some others including William Meredith.

also owned an estate/land at Brokenborough, Wiltshire, 1612

Married ‎27 Jan 1625 (at most 38 years married) to:

woman Joane "Joan Butcher, Joan Burrus" Burrows of Bristol‏‎ #543‎, daughter of Alderman John "Mary Boucher" Butcher of Bristol and Mary Unknown‏.
Died ‎before 30 sep 1663
In Glos. Records office:
DocumentRef D189/II/2/T1
Title Tripartite division of estate of late Mrs. Johane Langton of Bristol, widow, between her sons Thomas, Joseph and Ezekiel referring to messuages and lands in Kings Weston, Laurence Weston, Henbury and Westbury, Broad Street and the Shambles, Bristol, Pucklechurch, Morton and Thornbury; detailed descriptions and value of the personal property divided, 1660-61; includes copy will of Johane Langton, 1659
Date [1659]-1663


gifts of Mary and her mother to Bristol churches for the poor. Some of the dates given seem to conflict with the periods in which they were known to live.:

This source claims she was the daughter of William Burrowes, but we don't think that is correct:


man Sir (Knt.) Mayor and Sheriff Thomas Langton of Bristol‏‎ #544
Born ‎1632, died ‎Jun 1673‎, 40 or 41 years, buried ‎1673 Bristol, Gloucestershire, UK Bristol past and present:

1648, apprentices to William Cann, Merchant, Mayor, and later married his daughter Hester Cann. Source: Bristol Past and Present:

[no title] 6609/8/c 8th March, 1665
Lease on lives
(1) Thomas Langton of Bristol, Esq., (2) Joseph Langton and Ezechiel Langton of Bristol (3) Elizabeth Gonninge, widow and Robert Gonninge (4) Francis Vaughan of Wrington, Som., and Giles Earle of Bristol.
Farm called Thornehill, Wilts; property in Siston and Pucklechurch and house in Small Street, Bristol.

Alderman of Bristol in 1664 (from September 16). Mayor of Bristol in September 1666 and was knighted by Charles in London on 4 Nov 1666 at Whitehall. He was an Alderman until 1675 due to his death.

left a gift of a sermon to be preached to the poor and £50 for bread:
man M.P Joseph "Joseph Laughton, Joseph Lancton" Langton of Newton Park and Bath‏‎ #550
Born ‎1641, died ‎17 Mar 1720‎, 78 or 79 years, buried ‎21 Mar 1720 Newton St. Loe, Somerset, UK
Langton, Joseph (Lancton) arm. MagdalenColl., matric. 15 June, 1657; of Newton Park, Somerset, bar.-at-law, Inner Temple, 1668, as Laughton, of Bristol (see also Ezekiel), M.P. Bath(Oct.), 1690-5; died 17 March, 1719-20, aged 82. See Foster's Judges and Barristers.
Alumni Oxonienses 1500-1714

youngest of 5 Sons. At least three sisters.

Inherited from elder brothers in 56, and 61

Joseph bought the Manor and estate of Newton Park (Newton, St. Loe, Somerset. ) in 1666. Buying it from George Nevill’s widow.
Joseph Langton built the enclosed park, with the help of Capability Brown.

His descendant Bridget Langton to William Gore of Barrow Court created the name Gore-Langton, which continued there until the death of the last remaining Earl Temple in 1941, when the Duchy of Cornwall took over the estate.

He left Middle Anger and Ercott, Glos. to his daughter then grandaughter Frances.:

Sheriff of Somersetshire, 1697:

Was M.P. for Bath, October 1690-1695 (contested at general election, failed, but then was unanimously voted in at the by-election in October).

Ill in 1664-5 was granted leave of absence.

Magdalen Coll. Oxf. 1657: I. Temple, 1660, called 1668.

Probably that mentioned here - 1694 and 1717 (the second probably a will)

At least one of his sons has children, because he mentioned his grandaughters in his will, Elizabeth Langton, and Frances Langton.

Mentions a cousin Mary ALLANSON in his will and Cousin BAUGH and Cousin Thomas LEWIS and Cousin GRANT, Widow.

Mentions God-daughter, the Widow PARSONS. Godsons, John CHAMPNEYS and Joseph STRACHY

Mentions Kinsman Mr Henry SHUTE in his will.

His will of 1718 here:

Stanton Prior:

He mentioned a cousin Elizabeth Vickers in his will. not sure how she fits in.
man John Langton of Doynton/Bristol‏‎ #1463
Died ‎13 Jan 1669 pedigree at record office Kew, says 1661.
his will in Brown’s Somerset Wills—Fourth Series,
he refers to Henry Symes, son of his brother-in-law, Thomas Symes

this source points to a 1660 will:
man Merchant William Langton‏‎ #870
Born ‎± 1600, died ‎1656‎, approximately 56 years
Will of William Langton of Citty of Bristol, merchant, sick
and weake, dated 17 June, 1654. To brother John Langton all
lands given me by will of my uncle William Burrowes of Bris-
toll, Gent., with remainder to my brother Joseph Langton. Sis-
ter Elizabeth Langton, wife of brother John, 40 shillings. Mrs.
Katherine Bridge same. Mrs. Anna Symes same. Brother Tho-
mas Langton all goods I have in the providence and all money
due me for freight in last voyage & as for such goods as I haue
lately Come home from the barbadoes & goods I expect daily
from said Barbadoes I give to my brothers Joseph and Ezekaell
Langton & to my two sisters Mary Vaughan & Joane Langton.
To Mr. William Callis & his wife each 40 shillings. Ralph Hay-
ens for service in my sickness 40 shillings. Brother John Lang-
ton Res: Leg: and Exor: [Willm. Langtoi{\. Witnesses: William
Atwood, Ralph Haines. Proved at London, 20 May, 1656, by
Exor: named. (P.C.C. Berkeley, 141.)

man Ezekiel "Ezekiel Langston" Langton‏‎ #560‎
Born ‎1644, died ‎between 1667 and 1669‎, 24 or 25 years
Langton, Ezekiel s. John, of Bristol city, gent. Magdalen Coll., matric. 24 May, 1661, aged 17; a student of Inner Temple 1664, as Langston. See also Joseph 1660. See Foster's Inns ofCourt Reg.
Alumni Oxonienses 1500-1714


He was a Bristol merchant. And in 1667 purchased Brislington Manor from Rowland LACY. The Langton family then stayed here some time. This Ezekiel may have had a son Thomas.

[no title] 6609/8/d 30 September, 1669

Memorandum of agreement
Sir Thomas Langton of Bristol and Joseph Langton Esq., of Newton St. Loe, Som.
Re will of Ezechiel Langton, decd.

Seems he died by 1669.

[no title] 6609/8/e 19th October, 1671

Declaration re settlement of estate of Ezekiel Langton, late of Bristol
(1) Sir Thomas Langton of Bristol (2) Joseph Langton of Newton St. Clow, Som.
(3) Thomas Lewis of St. Peere, Mon. (4) Francis Vaughan of Chrinston, Som. (5) Robert Yate and Robert Gonning of Bristol.