man Thomas "Thomas Langton" Langton of Newbury, Berkshire‏‎ #399‎    , son of John Langton of Newbury, Berkshire and Mary Stroud‏.
Born ‎1795 Newbury, Berkshire, England census suggests, 98, died ‎Apr 1866 Newbury, Berkshire, England‎, 70 or 71 years
mentioned in 1861 census

Married ‎Apr 1814 Speen, Berkshire, England (51 or 52 years married) to:

woman Mary Mason‏‎ #400‎    
Born ‎1796 Speen, Berkshire, England
mentioned in 1861 census


man Charles "Charles Langton" Langton of Portsmouth of Gosport, Alverstoke, Hampshire, England‏‎ #407    
Born ‎1822 Newbury, Berkshire, England, died ‎1910 Portsmouth, Hampshire, UK‎, 87 or 88 years
Birth August, 1823 according to his RM admission papers. Left Newbury for Portsmouth, and enlisted in the Royal Marines in Portsmouth in June 1843 age 19 years and 10 months. Discharged in 1865. (ADM 157/452/152).
He served on HMS Rodney during the Crimean War, because there is a RM private of this name who was present at the seige of Sebastopol and Battle of Balaklava as part of the Royal Marine Naval Brigade

mentioned in 1851 census as a private.
mentioned in 1861 census as a private R M.
1861 Census (List of the Officers Crew taken on the night of Sunday 7th April 1861)
CHARLES LANGTON – Private RM on board vessel LEOPARD bound for Rio de Janeiro
Mentioned in 1871 census as a hospital nurse. Royal Navy Troopship CROCODILE at Sea on Indian Troop Service - Hospital Nurse, married, age 46, born Westbury Berks. Other records says Newbury, so we think Westbury is an error.
mentioned in 1881 census (twice).
alive in 1891, mentioned in census. Widow.
doesn't appear in the 1901 census, his son is head of the family by then.
1901, with his daughter Lavinia at 71 Unicorn Street, Portsmouth (Ref.RG13/992 F99 P30)  - Charles LANGTON, wid,  77, Naval Pensioner, Newbury, Berks. Lavinia SANDFORD, dau, 23, Portsmouth. Gertrude SANDFORD, G'dau, 3, Portsmouth. 

census, and naval, RM records suggests 1823/24/25 birth depending on which you believe.

His Naval Service Record:
Names in Full: Charles Langton
DOB: 7 July 1825
Place of Birth: Westbury, Berks (a mistake for Newbury?)
Height: 5.8 (I think)
Hair: Sandy
Eyes: Blue
Complexion: not sure what is says
Wounds: None
Trade: not sure what is says
Ships Served in: Crocodile
Rating: Hospital Nurse
Period of Service: 1 Jan 73-15 May 78
Character: V.G.
Discharge: Shore (?)

The 1910 death date is a Charles Langton in Portsmouth. We don't know for sure that it was this Charles Langton. It could, perhaps have been his son (though his son had been absent for the last two census) and is known to have had the middle name William. We also know that Charles (this one) was alive in 1901 (census) so another 9 years isn't out of the question, meaning he would have died ages 85.

Family rumor is that he had four medals, including Sebastapol, Balaklava and Alma Heights Sadly. Believe they were all sold (would very much like to buy them back!).
- Royal Marine Brigade, HMS Rodney, Crimean medal with Balaclava & Sebastopol. He was probably also entitled to the Sardinian medal.

His RN record slightly contradicts other sources but I think it is still him.

The RN record says his DOB is 7 July 1825 but when he enlisted in the Marines he said he was 19 years and 10 months and he enlisted in June (going from memory on that) which would have made his birth about August 1823.
The naval record lists his place of birth as Westbury, Berks. Westbury is in Wiltshire (even back then i think) and so i think this is a mistake for Newbury, Berks (as per his Marine record and other records we have seen).

His physical appearance is also noted, and is a little different, but not far out. He had aged.

Looking at the census returns, in 71 i can see his wife and first son and it states "Husband at sea".
His census record on Crocodile reads: 1871 - Royal Navy Troopship CROCODILE at Sea on Indian Troop Service - Charles LANGTON Hospital Nurse, married, age 46, born Westbury Berks.

Charles is back home in 1881 with the family - Servant Sailors Home (Dom). He gives his age as 55 which again suggests a birth of 1825/6. Birth place this time is Newbury. So the date is consistent with his RN record while he is serving in the RN, and the place with the RN record one year and the RM record the next. Looks like its the same guy, just he wants to look two years younger when with the RN. Any idea why he might do that?

1891 he is a widow and the details are the same, living: Attendant Sailors Home.

1901 he is with his daughter in Portsmouth and says his age is 77 which would match his RM record.

His service record states:
Served in the second battalion of the Brigade in the Crimean
and wears the Crimean and Turkish medals, clasps for
Balaclava and Sebastopol. Two medals, two clasps.

Is in possession of 14 good conduct badges.
Served onboard H M Ship.
Hibernia from 26 may 1845 to 21 jun 1849
Rodney from 19 aug 1851 to 30 jan 1856
Leopard from 26 sep 1857 to 18 july 1861
Adventure from 8 july 1862 to 27 sep 1862
Asia from 19 july 1863 to 18 july 1864
Victory from 17 july 1865 to 20 ? 1865.

total service afloat - 14 years, 130 days.
total service on shore - 8 years, 8 days.

-- MERGED NOTE ------------

Private (Position in Institution)

full military funeral.

There are two Charles Langtons in the 1881 census in Portsmouth, each looks like a match for this Charles. Could be a double recording or two Charles Langtons. The first is with his family so we know it is a match. The second Charles that we are unsure his identity was recorded at the Portsmouth Royal Sailors Home 77 Queen St
One of the oldest hotels in Portsmouth, the Club was first established here at Queen Street in 1851. Back then it was known as the Sailors' Home and was set up to look after sailors. Back then seamen of the Royal Navy were treated terribly when they returned, and after two or three years at sea, this was an unkindness our founders could not bear. Thus the Sailor's Home was opened to provide respectable home comforts for our seamen, as well as being a safe place to leave their money.The Club gained the prefix 'Royal' in 1855, after Prince Albert visited the hotel and Queen Victoria then became our patron. There have been royal visits throughout the 20th century too, including Queen Elizabeth II in 1986 (patron till 2007) and Prince Charles (patron since 2007) a year later. 
Everyone recorded there in the 1881 census is male. I checked to see if any of the others are recorded elsewhere additionally. Bingo, looks like one probably is: George North. (Haven’t checked those below him in the list) he also is living Olinda Terrace, where our Charles is. So this might suggests that this was normal to be recorded twice. Or a mix up which meant people at the sailor’s home got recorded regardless of whether they were there. Or they were both involved in some scheming. Either way, if this is the same George North then it suggests that Charles Langton is the same person in both census records too. 
man George "George Langton" Langton of Newbury, Berkshire‏‎ #409    
Born ‎1816 Newbury, Berkshire, England or 1817, died ‎Oct 1899 Newbury, Berkshire, England‎, 82 or 83 years
recorded in 1851, 61, and 71 census. Could be a different George, but birth is the right year. Adding his wife and child as a result.

death record states born about 1817, and is the correct record for this George
man Moses Langton of Newbury, Berkshire‏‎ #410‎    
Born ‎1823 Newbury, Berkshire, England
man Thomas Langton of Newbury, Berkshire‏‎ #411‎    
Born ‎ Newbury, Berkshire, England. Occupation: ‎1863 Newbury, Berkshire, England; Corn Porter

NOTE: 06.06.2014
This Thomas, Corn Porter, may not belong in this family and may be a match for one of the other Thomas’ in the tree. There are two other's are Corn Salesman, which although different, may have been the two related occupations of the same Thomas at different points in his life. The reason we suspect he may not belong here is because there is no recorded source for his placement in this family. We are reluctant to remove him at this stage as we can't be sure where else he fits better, and it is likely his original placement here was based on some fact, which was unrecorded.
woman Mary Langton of Newbury, Berkshire‏‎ #412‎    
Born ‎1831, died ‎1831 Newbury, Berkshire, England‎, under 1 year old, buried ‎2 Dec 1831€
twin of William
man Thomas Langton of Newbury, Berkshire‏‎ #697‎    
Born ‎1828, died ‎1831 Newbury, Berkshire, England‎, 2 or 3 years, buried ‎1831 Newbury, Berkshire, England
man William Langton of Newbury, Berkshire‏‎ #698‎    
Born ‎1831, buried ‎4 Jan 1832 Newbury, Berkshire, England
twin of Mary
woman Mary-Anne Langton‏‎ #699    
Born ‎1833
woman Sarah Langton of Newbury, Berkshire‏‎ #794‎    
Born ‎1821 Newbury, Berkshire, England
Death records we have:
Sarah Langton 1842 d. 17676
Sarah Langton 1853 d. 18081
Sarah Langton 1857 d. 18229

Sarahs in our tree, including fragmnents:
- 4086 - bapt. 26 Sep 1686 (clearly died before 1837 though)
- 763 b. 1813. bur. 15 Jun 1816 (death before 1837 start of records and no match)
- 3828 - 1851,1861 census. (died after the death records we have)

That leaves these six that we know about:
- 377 - appears in 1851 census but not 1861. So died 1853 or 1857, but we dont know which
- 402 - bapt 17 Oct 1792
- Sarah Taylor 5819 m. 7 Aug 1786 (born ~ 1760)
- 794 - b. 1821
- 3813 - b. about 1828. Appears in the 1851 census.
- 3832 - sarah abel

How do three records go into six? Assuming that all deaths were recorded correctly, then three of these six must have died before 1837 when the recording began.

Some we see in the 1851 census so we know they should have death records after that date.
woman Martha Langton of Newbury, Berkshire and Middlesex‏‎ #795    
Born ‎1818 Newbury, Berkshire, England