woman Alice Langton of Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire‏‎ #3014‎, daughter of John Langton of Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire and Unknown Unknown‏.
Died ‎1374–1385


also see William Langton [12656] who is related in some way.

One of these sources suggests a link to East Langton, Leicestershire. But we doubt it. We need to get hold of the source and check it at some point.

Married ‎± 1364 (approximately 21 years married) to:

man Sir Robert Corbet Knt.‏‎ #3015‎, son of Robert Corbet and N.N.‏.
Died ‎after 1404

Although Corbet’s father, Sir Robert senior, was the youngest of Sir Roger Corbet of Hadley’s three sons, he had nevertheless inherited the family’s widespread estates, which included Hadley and Hatton in Shropshire, Ebrington and Farmcote in Gloucestershire, Kings Bromley in Staffordshire, Standlake in Oxfordshire, Denchworth and Tubney in Berkshire and Assington in Suffolk.1 Most of these properties did not pass to the MP until his father’s death in 1404, at the late age of 74 or more, although in his father’s lifetime he and his first wife had taken possession of Kings Bromley (by a settlement made in 1372) and he had also obtained an interest in the estate at Hadley. The whole inheritance, excluding the dower portion held by his stepmother, had an estimated annual value at Sir Robert junior’s death of £74.2


woman Agnes Corbet‏‎ #7042
Died ‎after 1429
John Halle, citizen and goldsmith of London.