man Moses Langton‏‎ #53079‎, son of Francis "Francis Langton, Francis Longton" Langton of Great Ouseburn, Yorkshire, UK and Mary Lucas‏.
Born ‎1829 Knaresborough, Yorkshire, England Harrogate, Yorkshire, England, died ‎between Apr 1854 and Jun 1854 Yorkshire, England‎, 24 or 25 years. Occupation: Iron Moulder

Married ‎13 Mar 1853 Leeds, Yorkshire, England (1 years married) to:

woman Ann "Anne Lowther" Lowther‏‎ #53085‎, daughter of John Lowther and N.N.‏. Adoption parents: John Lowther and Pamela Liddle
Born ‎10 Feb 1829 Tadcaster, Yorkshire, England, ‎1st marriage to: Moses Langton, 2nd marriage to: John Odell


man Moses John "Moses Langton" Langton of Yorkshire and London‏‎ #53080
Born ‎13 Nov 1854 Altofts, West Yorkshire, England, died ‎between Jul 1898 and sep 1898 St Olave, London, England‎, 43 years. Occupation: Leather Dresser
man John Francis Langton‏‎ #60563‎
Born ‎15 Jan 1853 Leeds, Yorkshire, England, died ‎between Oct 1853 and Dec 1853 Leeds, Yorkshire, England‎, under 1 year old