woman Sandra M Unknown‏‎ #67307‎
Born ‎± 1911 Illinois, USA

Married/ Related to:

man Willard Howell Langton‏‎ #67303‎, son of Seth Alma "Seth Alma Langton" Langton of Salt Lake City, Utah, USA and Amelia Elizabeth Howell‏.
Born ‎17 Jul 1905 Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA, died ‎15 May 2000 Saint Louis, Missouri, USA‎, 94 years, buried ‎2000 Resurrection Cemetery, Affton, St Louis, Missouri, USA. Occupation: Owner of a Furniture Store, 1st married/ related to: Dorothy Jean Rozak, ‎2nd married/ related to: Sandra M Unknown


woman Sandra Langton‏‎ #67308
Born ‎± 1940 Missouri, USA‎, approximately 80 years
man Seth Howell Langton‏‎ #67260
Born ‎21 Nov 1941 Missouri, USA‎, 78 years