man Peter Joseph Langton‏‎ #66882‎, son of Arthur Langton and Bridget "Bridget Hasey" Hussey‏.
Born ‎between 1835 and 1841 Dublin, Ireland, died ‎24 Dec 1930 Tangowahine, Kaipara, Northland, New Zealand‎. Occupation: post office an local store
SOURCE: OBITUARY. New Zealand Herald, Volume LXVII, Issue 20756, 26 December 1930, Page 12

MR. PETER LANGTON. PIONEER OF NORTHERN WAIROA. [BY TELEGRAPH.-OWN CORRESPONDENT.] DARGAVILLE, Wednesday. The death took place suddenly to-day at Tangowahine Valley of Mr. Peter Langton, aged 95. Mr. Langton, a pioneer of Northern Wairoa, was born in Dublin, Ireland, and joined the 18th Royal Irish Regiment. He served in India and arrived in New Zealand with his regiment on the troopship Elizabeth Ann Bright in 1862. He fought- through the Maori War and then received his discharge. He lived in Auckland for some- time afterwards, and married Miss Ellen Quinn. With his wife he came north to the Whangarei district and later to the Northern Wairoa, and finally settled down at Tangowahine 52 years ago. Mr. Langton was the first settler in Tangowahine, where he purchased a property from the old Kauri Timber Company. The Public Works village and the Tangowahine station are now on part of his original property. The surviving members of the family are Messrs. R. Langton and J. Langton (Tangowahine), Jack Langton (Sydney), and Mrs. F. J. Moriarty (Ohinewai). There are also 32 grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. Mrs. Langton died 22 years ago

Married ‎9 Oct 1876 Aukland, New Zealand (34 years married) to:

woman Ellen "Ellen Quin" Quinn‏‎ #66907‎, daughter of William Quinn and N.N.‏.
Born ‎between 1845 and 1853 Scotland, died ‎23 Jan 1911 Helensville, Rodney, Aukland, New Zealand‎


man Patrick Roland "Patrick Rolland Langton, Roly Langton" Langton of New Zealand‏‎ #66879
Born ‎10 Nov 1878 Tangowahine, Kaipara, Northland, New Zealand, died ‎22 May 1945 Tangowahine, Northland, New Zealand‎, 66 years
Patrick married in their private catholic chapel late 1800's, only the entry remains of large chapel..
woman Mary Ellen Emily "Mary Josephine Langton" Langton‏‎ #66877
Born ‎23 Feb 1880 Kaihu, Kaipara, Northland, New Zealand, died ‎30 Apr 1927 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia‎, 47 years
man Joseph Arthur Langton‏‎ #66871
Born ‎10 sep 1881 Tangowahine, Northland, New Zealand, died ‎6 sep 1954 Avoca Cemetery‎, 72 years
man Peter Michael Langton‏‎ #66884
Born ‎4 Aug 1883 Tangowahine, Northland, New Zealand, died ‎6 Apr 1917 Kulara, Queensland, Australia‎, 33 years
man Paul M Langton‏‎ #66881‎
Born ‎1884 Tangowahine, Northland, New Zealand, died ‎14 Feb 1908 Tangowahine, Northland, New Zealand‎, 23 or 24 years
woman Bridget Langton‏‎ #66854‎
Born ‎2 Dec 1885 Tangowahine, Kaipara, Northland, New Zealand
woman Dellia Dorothea Langton‏‎ #66858
Born ‎12 Feb 1885, died ‎12 May 1974 New Zealand‎, 89 years
man John Bernard "Jack Langton" Langton‏‎ #66868
Born ‎10 Apr 1887 Tangowahine, Kaipara, Northland, New Zealand, died ‎3 Apr 1957 Burwood, New South Wales, Australia‎, 69 years
woman Ellen Lenora Langton‏‎ #66861
Born ‎29 Mar 1888 Tangowahine, Northland, New Zealand, died ‎9 Aug 1930 Rotorua, New Zealand‎, 42 years
man Malake Arthur Langton‏‎ #66875‎
Born ‎7 Jun 1890 Tangowahine, Northland, New Zealand

2nd marriage
man Peter Joseph Langton‏‎ #66882‎, son of Arthur Langton and Bridget "Bridget Hasey" Hussey‏.

Married ‎16 Aug 1911 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia (0 years married) to:

woman Bridget "Ellen McHugh" McHugh‏‎ #66896‎, daughter of James McHugh and Ellen McChorely‏.
Born ‎± 1851 Tyrone, Northern Ireland, died ‎17 Apr 1912‎, approximately 61 years, ‎1st marriage to: Peter Joseph Langton, 2nd marriage to: John "James Cadman" Cadman, 3rd married/ related to: Thomas Johnson