man William "Willia Langtfield, William Lancton" Langton of Wanborough, Wiltshire of Liddington, Wiltshire, UK‏‎ #2060‎, son of Unknown Langton and Unknown Unknown‏.
Buried ‎9 Nov 1672 Wanborough, Wiltshire, UK
The William Lancton tenant of land in Wanborough (Earlscourt, Hinton Parva) 1672. he was also of Liddington (Will).

There is a Langton of Liddington in 1666 according to a record in the archives.

Married/ Related to:

woman Unknown Unknown‏‎ #55037‎


woman Mary "Mary Langtfield" Langton of Wanborough, Wiltshire‏‎ #6595‎

Mary langton who we think is the one mentioned in brothers Will twice. Once as sister (certainly placing her existence here) and Second as receiving 40 pounds. Its possible there was another Mary Langton, a grandchild perhaps.
man David "David Langfoild" Langton of Wanborough, and Liddington, Wiltshire‏‎ #6596‎
Buried ‎4 May 1722 Wiltshire, UK from FamilyHistory's burial index.
We know from the date of the Admin bond and the name being quite rare in the Wiltshire Langtons, that it is the same guy.

inherits the land in Wanborough from his father.

we assume that he is the David Langton with the Admin Bond in 1722, though it could be his nephew.

Manning's Hill is the village that was removed when Capability Brown created the lake at Bowood House.


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Stanley [east of Chippenham] Bromham Bayntun, Bromham [between Chippenham and Rowde], and Bremhill [east of Chippenham]

A bit more about the property but confusing. Tenant: David Langton. Year: 1678-9 Rent: £200, 0S, 0d.
woman Lea "Lea Langhfoild" Langton of Wanborough, Wiltshire‏‎ #6597‎
man Edward Langton of Wanborough, Wiltshire‏‎ #6601‎