man Tanner and Alderman William "William Langton, William Langton" Langton of Calne of Liddington and Wanborough, Wiltshire of Wanborough, Wiltshire, UK‏‎ #907‎, son of William "Willia Langtfield, William Lancton" Langton of Wanborough, Wiltshire of Liddington, Wiltshire, UK and Unknown Unknown‏.
Born ‎1645
Held office in Calne (Alderman?) in 1685 (second term).

First name mentioned in the town in James IIs charter of 1689, known as the obnoxious ordinance.

We think that his father was William Lancton who rented land in Wanborough 1672-76. 205 Acres, so presumably he would have been fairly wealthy.

Married/ Related to:

woman Unknown Unknown‏‎ #908‎



man David Langton of Calne, Wiltshire‏‎ #909‎
Born ‎1679, died ‎after 1715‎, at least 36 years
This record could, perhaps, relate to his uncle.
[no title]  212B/1172
  1715, March 25
:(1) Langton, David, yeoman.
Jefferys, Ann, widow
Jefferys, William, son of Ann.
(2) Bayly, Robert, Fuller.
Assignment of 3 acres of meadow, in Calne.
man Edward "Edward Langton, Edward Langtun" Langton of Calne, Wiltshire of Lacock, Wiltshire‏‎ #916
Buried ‎14 sep 1725 Lacock, Wiltshire, UK
Mentioned in William Langton's Sr. will of 1708/9.

A second record provides his birth year suggesting strongly that he belongs in this generation.

The 1725 burial at Lacock fits well and a couple of years later a Mary Langton, who we presume was his wife.