woman Mary Jane Langton of England and Utah, USA‏‎ #4690‎, daughter of Seth "Seth Langton" Langton of Summit Creek, Cache Valley near Weber, Utah, US and Sarah "Sarah Swindenbank, Sarah Langton, Sarah Swithen" Swidenbank of Lancashire, UK‏.
Born ‎12 Feb 1853 Preston, Lancashire, England, died ‎26 sep 1915 Smithfield, Cache, Utah, USA‎, 62 years, buried ‎1915 Smithfield, Cache, Utah, USA
SOURCE: https://history.lds.org/overlandtravel/companies/149/jacob-hofheins-co mpany-1857

Mormon Pioneer Overland Travel 1847-1868
Jacob Hofheins Company (1857)

The company began its journey from the outfitting post at Iowa City, Iowa. At that time, the company consisted of 19 wagons and two carriages and was made up of people from Delaware and Philidelphia. Near Florence, another small company from St. Louis, led by James Hart, joined the Hofheins Company bringing the number of wagons to 40 with three carriages and approximately 204 individuals. Since they traveled so closely, accounts from both companies should be considered when studying the journey of one or the other.

6 June 1857
21 September 1857
Jacob Hofheins
Matthew McCune

Married ‎21 Nov 1870 (42 or 43 years married) to:

man Alfred "Alfred Chambers" Chambers USA‏‎ #4693‎, son of William Chambers and Clarissa Bence‏.
Died ‎1913 Smithfield, Cache, Utah


unknown Ten other children Chambers‏‎ #53747‎