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Its worth noting that overtime some pages on some webstites get moved, archived, or deleted. If you click a link and it doesnt find the page its pointed at then here are a couple of tips. First, try going to the main page of the website, and searching from there for the page as it may have been moved or archived somewhere. If that doent work and the site is gone, or the page has been deleted, then there is still hope. There is something called the Wayback Machine, and this is basically the internets archive. Its got pages from websites at dates in the past. So, you can type in the same link that isnt working for you, into the Wayback Machine, and it will tell you what versions of that page and site it has stored for you to view. Just select the one you want and you can see the page.

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Some of these messageboards, including the first in the list, also do lookup requests if you cant make it to an archive.

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