Ancestor Report
generation I

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man Daniel Patrick Wheat of Beaumont, Texas, USA‏‎ #8780‎
Born ‎1907, died ‎1990‎, 82 or 83 years
generation II (Parents)

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man Dominick Patrick "Daniel Patrick Wheat" Langton of Beaumont, Texas, USA‏‎ #8778
Born ‎1865 New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, died ‎1924‎, 58 or 59 years
changed his name to Wheat.

enrolled in the orphans home at St. Alphonsos soon after 1867 and resided there until he was about 16 years old, when he went to Anderson, Grimes County, Texas, USA.

While in Anderson he lived with John J Wheat and his wife Virginia who adopted him in 1889 which is when he changed his name to Wheat.
 Married ‎1889 (34 or 35 years married) to:
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generation III (Grandparents)

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man Dominic "Dominick Joseph Langton" Langton of New Orleans, Louisiana, USA of Dublin, Ireland‏‎ #8774
Born ‎1836 Ireland or 1835, died according to family, death cause: died at sea on board a ship as a seaman. Occupation: ‎1860; Carpenter

-- MERGED NOTE ------------

was in the confederate army and got injured.

There were two entries in the database for two Dominic Langtons, born about the same time in Ireland. They have been merged, but there remains some doubt about whether or not they are in fact the same person, or perhaps entirely different people. They may need to be seperated again later.
 Married/ Related to:
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generation IV (Great-Grandparents)

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man Dominick Langton of Kingston, Ireland and Brooklyn, New York, USA‏‎ #9494
Born ‎3 Jan 1803 Kingston, Ireland, died ‎1886‎, 82 or 83 years
in Boyd's NYC Business Directory 1869-1870 living at 54 William St. occupation copyist
Also listed in 1880 census, age 80, born Ireland, living w/John Fullerton & family, Brooklyn, NY

Involved in the liquor and undertaking business (Brooklyn Eagle Ads)

There seem to be two different Dominic Langton = Mary's mentioned, and its possible they are actually two different families.
Mary Bent and Mary Brien. So there may need to be a separation exercise at some point on this family if it turns out they are two different ones.
 Married ‎10 Dec 1827 Arran Quay, Dublin, Ireland Witnesses: Edward Brien and Mary Langton (58 or 59 years married) to:
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generation V (Great Great-Grandparents)

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 Married ‎4 Apr 1801 Booterstown Blackrock & Dundrum, Dublin, Ireland to:
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