Ancestor Report
generation I

1 (0)
man Joseph Edgar Langton‏‎ #59774
Born ‎1896 Little Budworth, Cheshire, UK, died ‎Jun 1954 Northwich, Cheshire, UK‎, 57 or 58 years
generation II (Parents)

2 (1)
man William James Langton‏‎ #59763
Born ‎1855 Lostock, Bolton, Lancashire, UK, died ‎Jun 1936‎, 80 or 81 years. Occupation: Farmer and butcher, 7 acres
 Married ‎Dec 1876 Chorlton, Cheshire, UK (59 years married) to:
3 (1)
woman Mary "Mary Langton" Johnson‏‎ #59764
Born ‎1854 Norley, Cheshire, UK
generation III (Grandparents)

4 (2)
man William Langton‏‎ #59850
Died ‎22 Jun 1879 Greatt Boughton, Chester, UK, buried ‎25 Jun 1870 Ashton Hayes, Cheshire, UK. Occupation: joiner /wheelwright
age at death given as 70
 Married ‎8 Mar 1842 Bowdon, Cheshire, UK (16 years married) to:
5 (2)
woman Elizabeth "Eliza Langton" Walton‏‎ #59868
Born ‎ Ashley, Cheshire, UK, died ‎1 Jan 1859, buried ‎ Warburton, Greater Manchester, Lancashire, UK
bap Elizabeth
generation IV (Great-Grandparents)

8 (4)
man Thomas Langton‏‎ #59887
Buried ‎29 Oct 1848 Tarvin, Cheshire, UK. Occupation: tailor
 Married ‎21 Jun 1802 Chester, Cheshire, UK to:
9 (4)
woman Sarah "Sarah Langton" Jameson‏‎ #59831
Born ‎1781 Tarvin, Cheshire, UK, buried ‎2 Nov 1845 Tarvin, Cheshire, UK. Occupation: tailor
birth may be 1771
generation V (Great Great-Grandparents)

16 (8)
man Thomas Langton‏‎ #59805
Died ‎30 Apr 1823, buried ‎3 May 1823 Tarvin, Cheshire, UK
 Married ‎1 Dec 1779 Frodsham, Cheshire, UK (43 years married) to:
17 (8)
woman Mary "Mary Langton" Kirkham‏‎ #59808
Born ‎1758, buried ‎21 Dec 1826 Tarvin, Cheshire, UK
generation VI (3rd Great-Grandparents)

32 (16)
man John Leighton‏‎ #59894
Died ‎9 Aug 1819 Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancashire, UK, buried ‎11 Aug 1819 Tarvin, Cheshire, UK
age at death 87
 Married ‎14 Jul 1755 Winwick, Warrington, Lancashire, UK (12 years married) to:
33 (16)
woman Elizabeth "Elizabeth Langton, Elizabeth Leighton" Woodworth‏‎ #59802
Died ‎10 Sep 1767, buried ‎ Frodsham, Cheshire, UK
generation VII (4th Great-Grandparents)

64 (32)
man James "James Langton" Leighton of Marple, Cheshire, UK‏‎ #58550
Buried ‎13 Feb 1759 Marple, Cheshire, UK
27 Sep 1748 Lyme Hall Accounts - Received of James Laughton for a little bay galloway £3 7s 0d
birth in BT as James Langhton of Marple

Reference in lease in Upholland 1778: 1 May 1778 between Henry Fletcher and Edward Leigh, land in possession of JAMES Langton of Upholland. Leigh family papers, must be another person

 Married/ Related to:
65 (32)
woman Elizabeth "Elizabeth Leighton" Unknown‏‎ #58558
Buried ‎17 Apr 1757 Marple, Cheshire, UK
generation VIII (5th Great-Grandparents)

128 (64)
man Robert "Robert Langton" Leighton of Marple, Cheshire, UK‏‎ #58548
Buried ‎15 Feb 1728 Marple, Cheshire, UK OS Marple
 Married/ Related to:
129 (64)
woman Sarah "Mary Leighton" Unknown‏‎ #58549
Buried ‎30 Nov 1751 Marple, Cheshire, UK
Settlement Paper;

To the Church Wardens and Overseers of the Poor of the Township of Hulme the Parish of the County of Lancaster

We the Chappele Warden and Overseers of the Poor of Marple in the Parish of Stockport in the County of Chester hereby Certify that we do own And Acknowledge Sarah Laughton widow to be an Inhabitant Legally settled in our sd. Township And hereby promise for our selves and our successors to receive her the sd. Sarah Laughton back into our sd. Township of Marple aforsd. without an order whensoever she shall be Chargable or Burthensome to your sd. Township of Hulme .as witness our hands this 10th day of August ...(Latin)......1732

John Boular; Chappele Warden
Robert Swindells, William Swindells; Overseers
Witnes hereto: John Taylor junior, Ottiwell Heginbothom (cooper), George Beeley