Ancestor Report
generation I

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man Thomas Langton‏‎ #58611
Born ‎10 Oct 1912 Manchester, Lancashire, UK, died ‎Feb 1995 Middleton, Rochdale, UK‎, 82 years
generation II (Parents)

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man Robert Langton‏‎ #58619
Born ‎Jun 1871 Manchester, Lancashire, UK, died ‎24 Oct 1921 Manchester, Lancashire, UK‎, 50 years. Occupation: Iron moulder
1891 at 13 Albion Terrace Miles Platting
at marriage at 49 Thornton St iron moulder
Died of pneumonia / cardiac arrest
 Married ‎6 Jan 1900 Miles Platting, Manchester, Lancashire, UK (21 years married) to:
3 (1)
woman Mary Ann "Mary Ann Langton" Anderson‏‎ #58608
Born ‎24 Aug 1874 Manchester, Lancashire, UK, died ‎9 Oct 1935‎, 61 years
at marriage 8 Clough Street, Newton Heath, domestic servant
generation III (Grandparents)

4 (2)
man James Langton‏‎ #58968
Born ‎1845 Prescot, Merseyside, UK, died ‎Jun 1897‎, 51 or 52 years, buried ‎3 Jul 1897 Manchester, Lancashire, UK. Occupation: Iron moulder
1867 Osborne St
 Married ‎6 May 1867 Manchester, Lancashire, UK (30 years married) to:
5 (2)
woman Mary Ann "Mary Ann Langton" Hindley‏‎ #58618
Born ‎1848 Manchester, Lancashire, UK. Occupation: cotton weaver
Address at marriage: 12 Francisco Street, Ancoats
1881 cotton weaver
1891 at 13 Albion Terrace Miles Platting (m) but no James
1901 49 Thornton St
generation IV (Great-Grandparents)

8 (4)
man Ralph Langton‏‎ #52561
Born ‎17 Jan 1816 Chorley, Lancashire, UK, died ‎31 Aug 1863 Manchester, Lancashire, UK‎, 47 years, buried ‎4 Sep 1863 Manchester, Lancashire, UK. Occupation: Iron Moulder
1838 at marriage blacksmith of Halliwell
Address on children's birth certificate: Brook Street, Preston
1841 Brook Street Preston Iron Moulder
1861 M/Cr Directory 412 Rochdale Road (Iron Moulder)
1863 died of "congestion of the brain", iron moulder/foreman age 48
Note: in 1868 at marriage of Mary Ann, Ralph is "gas manager"
 Married ‎4 Mar 1838 Deane, Bolton, Lancashire, UK (25 years married) to:
9 (4)
woman Elizabeth "Elizabeth Langton" Dufty‏‎ #58622
Born ‎1816 Prescot, Merseyside, UK
generation V (Great Great-Grandparents)

16 (8)
man Henry "Harry Langton" Langton‏‎ #52546
Died ‎6 Jan 1852 Chorley, Lancashire, UK, buried ‎12 Jan 1852 Chorley, Lancashire, UK. Occupations: Black Cutter, blacksmith, calico block maker
Baptism: 28 Aug 1774 St. Wilfrids, Standish, Lancashire, EnglandHenry Langton - Son of Ralph Langton & Agnes
Abode: Standish
Baptised by: Thomas Knowles, Curate
Register: Baptisms, P 3, No 8
Source: LDS Film 1526140
 Married ‎4 Dec 1797 St Laurence, Chorley, Lancashire, England (54 years married) to:
17 (8)
woman Frances "Frances Langton" Stringfellow‏‎ #52566
Born ‎± 1778 Castleford, Yorkshire, UK, died ‎31 Jan 1855 Chorley, Lancashire, UK‎, approximately 77 years, buried ‎5 Feb 1855 Chorley, Lancashire, UK
at death age 76
generation VI (3rd Great-Grandparents)

32 (16)
man Ralph "Ralph Langton" Langton of Wigan, Lancashire‏‎ #5676
Born ‎1742 Croston, Chorley, Lancashire, UK, died ‎30 Dec 1803 Manchester, Lancashire, UK‎, 60 or 61 years, buried ‎2 Jan 1804 Ardwick, Manchester, Lancashire, UK. Occupation: Husbandman, Wrightington

From Ralph Langton and Agnes Hartley descend the Manchester Langtons. Although initially farmers they became iron moulders (via Henry the blacksmith in Chorley) and gradually moved from Chorley through Preston to Manchester in the 19th century, following the growth of industry. Iron moulding remained a Langton family characteristic.

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1766 abode Lathom
1768 abode Wrightington, husbandman
1783 abode Ancoats Lane
1800 directory Ralph Langton dyer 8 Beswick's Row M/Cr
 Married ‎17 Sep 1765 Wigan, Lancashire, UK (38 years married) to:
33 (16)
woman Agnes "Agnes Langton" Hartley‏‎ #5677
Born ‎1744 Wigan, Lancashire, UK, died ‎7 Jul 1803 Manchester, Lancashire, UK‎, 58 or 59 years, buried ‎10 Jul 1803 Ardwick, Manchester, Lancashire, UK
generation VII (4th Great-Grandparents)

64 (32)
man Aaron "Aaron Leighton" Langton of Wigan, Lancashire, UK‏‎ #5678 bapt record says Leighton
Buried ‎24 Mar 1772 Upholland, Lancashire, UK
will states the 5 brothers

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son of Robert & Sarah
1732 "whitener" at Ince
1772 will made 5 Jan 1770 husbandman Dalton (nr Upholland) proved at Chester 26 Mar 1772.
At burial " farmer of Bispham" (in Croston)

his grandson Thomas believed that Aaron was formerly the owner of the estate at Lowe. left Lowe and went to Priorswood Estate in Dalton near Newborough(3), near Ashers Beacon. Ashers Beacon I believe is somewhere in the neighbourhood of Billinge. Priors wood hall is near Newburgh. Ashurst's beacon is near Dalton, not Billinge.
 Married/ Related to:
65 (32)
woman Elizabeth "Betty Langton, Betty Unknown" Unknown‏‎ #5679
Born ‎1714 Wigan, Lancashire, UK, buried ‎6 Feb 1777 Upholland, Lancashire, UK
At burial Betty Longton of Wigan, widow
generation VIII (5th Great-Grandparents)

128 (64)
man Robert "Robert Langton" Leighton of Marple, Cheshire, UK‏‎ #58548
Buried ‎15 Feb 1728 Marple, Cheshire, UK OS Marple
 Married/ Related to:
129 (64)
woman Sarah "Mary Leighton" Unknown‏‎ #58549
Buried ‎30 Nov 1751 Marple, Cheshire, UK
Settlement Paper;

To the Church Wardens and Overseers of the Poor of the Township of Hulme the Parish of the County of Lancaster

We the Chappele Warden and Overseers of the Poor of Marple in the Parish of Stockport in the County of Chester hereby Certify that we do own And Acknowledge Sarah Laughton widow to be an Inhabitant Legally settled in our sd. Township And hereby promise for our selves and our successors to receive her the sd. Sarah Laughton back into our sd. Township of Marple aforsd. without an order whensoever she shall be Chargable or Burthensome to your sd. Township of Hulme .as witness our hands this 10th day of August ...(Latin)......1732

John Boular; Chappele Warden
Robert Swindells, William Swindells; Overseers
Witnes hereto: John Taylor junior, Ottiwell Heginbothom (cooper), George Beeley