Ancestor Report
generation I

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man Merle Lanckton‏‎ #55426
Born ‎1900, died ‎1947‎, 46 or 47 years
generation II (Parents)

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man Alfred Lanckton‏‎ #55417
Born ‎1870, died ‎1944‎, 73 or 74 years
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generation III (Grandparents)

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man Millard Lanckton‏‎ #55405
Born ‎1835, died ‎1907‎, 71 or 72 years
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generation IV (Great-Grandparents)

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man Harvey Lanckton‏‎ #55391
Born ‎1779, died ‎1870‎, 90 or 91 years
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generation V (Great Great-Grandparents)

16 (8)
man Seth Langton‏‎ #55359
Born ‎1762, died ‎1838‎, 75 or 76 years
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generation VI (3rd Great-Grandparents)

32 (16)
man John Langton of Massachusetts, USA‏‎ #2407
Born ‎1716, died ‎1793 date and generations from thence on are from Arnie.‎, 76 or 77 years
Probably the John mentioned here, or perhaps his son:
Historical catalogue of the Northampton First Church, 1661-1891
Chapter III: Rev Jonathan Edward's Ministry, 1727-1750

Death date and all subsequent generations supplied by Arnie and are based primarily on data from the Springfield Historical Society Library in Springfield,Massachusetts.
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generation VII (4th Great-Grandparents)

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man John Langton USA‏‎ #2389
Born ‎22 Jul 1682 Massachusetts, USA, died ‎26 Jan 1728‎, 45 years
Could be the John mentioned here, but given the dates below and this John's death in 1728 it is probably his son:
Historical catalogue of the Northampton First Church, 1661-1891
Chapter III: Rev Jonathan Edward's Ministry, 1727-1750

 Married ‎22 Jan 1708 Northampton, Hampshire County, Massachusetts, USA (20 years married) to:
65 (32)
woman Abigail Phelps‏‎ #2390

Perhaps the Abigail mentioned here, though it could be her daughter:
Historical catalogue of the Northampton First Church, 1661-1891
Chapter III: Rev Jonathan Edward's Ministry, 1727-1750

generation VIII (5th Great-Grandparents)

128 (64)
man Samuel Langton of Hartford and Northampton, Connecticut, USA‏‎ #2038
Born ‎13 Feb 1652, died ‎11 Aug 1683‎, 31 years
one source notes as a Langdon

Samuel Langton, Northampton, Conn. (but the boundaries moved, so this means Massachusetts). 1676. Samuel was a son of John and grandson of immigrant George Langton.

also in this source presumably~:

another source:
 Married ‎10 Dec 1675 2nd (7 years married) to:
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130 (65)
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generation IX (6th Great-Grandparents)

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man Deacon John Langton of Hartford, Conecticut, USA‏‎ #1778
Born ‎1624, died ‎Sep 1688 Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut, USA‎, 63 or 64 years
John Langton, Hartford, Connecticut. 1655. He was the only known son of immigrant George Langton who died 1676, Northampton, MA. John died 1689, Farmington, CT and had three sons, John, Samuel & Joseph

Surely related to Joseph Langton in Windsor, CT, noted the next year.

His Children John and Samuel noted as of first marriage to an Unknown...and Dr Samuel T Langdon in his book says that John had children in both marriages.

mentioned in his son, Joseph's will:

Joined church in Farmington, 6 Feb 1652 of which he was made a deacon. He represented Farmington at the Oct. terms of general court, for the years 1668-1683. (New England Families Genealogical and Memorial: Volume IV,

He was admitted Freeman, October, 1669. Early New York Families, CD157

Mentioned in his father's will of 1676.

History of Waterbury, Connecticut, page 14:
21 may 1677 - voted as deacon - john langhton - the meeting probably took place in Farmington.
also mentioned, as Langton, on page 28 and 81
and on page 24, where it lists thirteen of the original thirty subscribers to the articles of settlement, which never became permanent proprietors of Waterbury.
John Lankton and then on page 27 it speaks specifically of him.

Tradition says that name was changed by act of conn legislature in 1685 to Langdon. Not sure if talking about this generation or next.
 Married ‎20 Dec 1655 (32 years married) to:
257 (128)
woman Mary "Mary Gridley" Seymour‏‎ #2036
Born ‎± 1622 Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire, England
New England Marriages Prior to 1700
 By Clarence Almon Torrey, Elizabeth Petty Bentley
258 (129)
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generation X (7th Great-Grandparents)

512 (256)
man George "George Langton" Langton of Northampton, Hampshire, Massachusetts, USA of Wetherfield, Massachusetts (Later Connecticut‏‎ #1864
Born ‎± 1605, died ‎29 Dec 1676 Northampton, Hampshire County, Massachusetts, USA According to a scan of old typed research from Robert Langton's father, emailed to us on 04/09/2011.‎, approximately 71 years
George's signature is written "George Langton", so LANGTON is the original spelling.

The scan of the typed research from Robert Langton says that he came to America (Boston) from Lincolnshire (England) bet 1634-6

Said to have arrived about 1640 in Wethersfield, Massachusetts (now Connecticut).

Moved to Springfield, MA in 1646, and married Hannah Haynes (nee: Lambe) on 29 June 1648.

Inlate summer of 1649 according to the “Pynchon Court Records” Richard Sykes andGeorge Lanckton provided an estimate of damage done by 8 teams of oxen to HenryBurt’s marsh wheat “to be the value of 12bushells “in their best appresensions”. It is recorded that he was a town officer in 1650 and that he and Jno.Stebbins were; "chosen surveighorsof the highways of the town for the yeare ensuinges.”(History of Springfield, 1646)

George Langdon was a town officer of Springfield in 1650. (Central New york Family Histories, CD157)

1658 - removed to Northampton, Mass.

In 1657/58, George and others signed a petition requesting the Gen eral Court to provide clarification of the town grant, finding them a mi nister, and
advise on preventing "excesse of liquor in comeing to Towne and of Sider." He also signed the charter petition for Northampton.

Noted as one of the first settlers of New England by John Farmer. Date given is 1658.

In 1658 he contributed 4 acres of land toward the support of the m inister, Eleazar Mather (related to Cotton Mather, the brimstone and hel lfire
preacher of the time). In 1661 he signed the church covenant that established the First Church of Christ. The population of Northampton wa s about
300 at this time. In 1672, he and a number of others, contributed to the upkeep of Harvard College. His portion being 2 bushels of wheat, valued at 6

Possibly has another daughter Bridget, born in England, according to one source. And Esther, again born in England.

Noted as church member in June 18 1661 - Historical catalogue of the Northampton First Church, 1661-1891:

Testified in a witchcraft trial with his wife hannah.


Nov 4 1668 - signed a petition at Northampton, Mass.

LANGTON George Langton was at Springfield 1646. He was b. d. Dec. 29, 1676, in Northampton. m. first, b. d. m. second, Hannah, widow of Edmund Ha3mes, June 29, 1648. b. d. after 1683. George Langton had formerly been at Wethersfield, where, or in England, he had several children, including Peliver- ance, by his first wife. He went to Northampton, 1658. His house lot may be seen on the map accompanying Trumbull's Northampton. Edmund Haynes died in Springfield, 1646, and his widow married George I/angton. SECOND GENERATION. Deliverance Langton b. Sept. 22, 1647 ? d. June 10, 1 7 18. m. first, Dea. Thomas Hanchett, before June 18, 1661. b. d. June 11, 1686, in Suffield, Ct. she m. second, Dea. Jonathan Burt, Dec. 14, 1686. REFERENCES. Savage, Vol. 2, pp. 352, 388 ; Vol. 3, page 56. Burt Genealogy, pp. 33, 34. New Eng. Hist. & Gen. Register, Vol. 9, page 89. Green's Springfield, pp. 102, 106, 579. Manwaring's Digest of Hartford Probate Records, Vol. i, page 328. Chapin Genealogy, pp. 312, 313. Burt's First Century of Springfield, Vol. i, pp. 43i 191 ; Vol. 2, page 589. Stiles' Wethersfield, Vol. 2, page 412. Sketches of Southmgton, genealogy, page 147. Trumbull's Northampton, Vol. i, pp. 36, 59, 78, 107, 145, 571.

Was apparently a master carpenter and was asked to do the building on the church in Springfield. But I haven't seen the source.

The following are claims that appear on various sites on the internet but which are either impossible or unlikley. To date i have seen proof of none of them:
- Father was Jacque D'Landon from France.
- Was born in Herefordshire.
- One of his sons was the Tobias Langdon of New Hampshire.
- Was an officer in the army of Oliver Cromwell in England.
- Is the ancestor of all Langton/Landons in the USA today.

Savage says 7 children by first wife.

This is the entry from the Genealogical Dictionary:

LANGTON,LANCKTON,or LANKTON, GEORGE, Springfield 1646, m. a sec. w. 29 June 1648, Hannah, wid.of Edmund Haynes, had Esther (strangely call. s. in the rec. pr. in Geneal.Reg. IX. 171), b. 22 Aug. 1649, and no more ch. but had formerly been atWethersfield, and by first w. had there or in Eng. sev. ch.; rem. a. 1658, toNorthampton, there d. 29 Dec. 1676. His will ment. s. John, ds. Pritchet [wh.was Hannah, w. of Nathaniel, m. 1651], Corbee [prob. wid. of William ofHaddam], Hanshet [wh. was Deliverance, w. of Thomas], Hannum [wh. was Esther,w. of John,] and gr.s. Samuel. JOHN, Farmington 1650, s. of the preced. b.prob. in Eng. was rep. 1668, deac. and d. 1689; had prob. no ch. by sec. w.wid. of deac. Thomas Gridley, but by former w. four ch.: John, wh. d. 1683,leav. John; Samuel, wh. was bapt. 13 Feb. 1653, and liv. with his gr.f. at N.;Joseph, bapt. 1660, liv. at F.; and Elizabeth wh. m. Luke Hayes. JOHN, Hadley,s. of John, had John, b. 1670; and d. 1683; but wh. was w. I see not. JOSEPH,Ipswich 1648, may have been s. of Roger. JOSEPH, Farmington, s. of John, m.Oct. 1683, Susanna, d. of the first John Root, had Sarah, b. Apr. 1685; Joseph,Mar. 1688; John, 3 Apr. 1691; Samuel, Dec. 1694; all bapt. 6 June 1697;Susanna, b. Oct. 1696, bapt. 29 Aug. foll. Ebenezer, b. 17 July 1701; Mary, andMercy, tw. Apr. 1704; and Thomas, Sept. 1707. His wid. d. 5 Dec. 1712; and hem. 18 Oct. 1714, Mary, wid. of Joseph Royce, d. of Thomas Porter, and d. 30Mar. 1736. ROGER, Ipswich, freem. 4 Mar. 1635. His inv. of 24 Jan. 1672 mayseem to prove, that he d. that winter. SAMUEL, Northampton, s. of John, m.1676, Elizabeth wid. of Praisever Turner, was freem. 1681, and d. 11 Aug. 1683,leav. John, and Samuel. His wid. took third h. David Alexander. This name isoft. mispr. interchang. with Langdon.
Savage, James. A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England: Showing Three Generations of Those Who Came Before May, 1692, on the Basis of Farmer's Register. (Boston: Little, Brown, and Co, 1860-1862).
 Married some sites claim her name was Sara, but no sources seen. to:
513 (256)