Ancestor Report
generation I

1 (0)
man Herbert Cecil Langton‏‎ #52441‎
Born ‎16 Apr 1921 Pincher Creek, Alberta, Canada, died ‎12 Dec 1974 Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada‎, 53 years
May have been born in Pincher Creek, Alberta, Canada or Kensington, Middlesex, England!!!
generation II (Parents)

2 (1)
man Lionel Alfred Langton of Canada‏‎ #52432
Born ‎27 Jun 1878 Kensington, London, England, died ‎20 Feb 1942 Victoria, British Columbia, Canada‎, 63 years. Occupation: Farmer and Manager of the Pincher Creek Livery Stables in 1911
He attended Charterhouse until the age of 6.

Lionel Alfred is believed to have arrived for the first time in Nova Scotia, Canada, aboard the Sicilian, on 10 Apr 1903. According to his travel record, he was a farmer and he intended to move to Winnipeg, Manitoba. By 1911, he was still single and had moved to Pincher Creek, Alberta. He was an esteemed member of the community and helped in a managerial capacity with the livery stables. By 1916, he was married and had two sons, William Lionel and Hugh Watson, who were said to have been born in Alberta (presumably in Pincher Creek). In fact, Hugh Watson was only 1 day old when he was recorded in the 1916 Census of Canada (Pincher Creek, MacLeod, Alberta). The family welcomed a third son, Herbert Cecil, on 16 Apr 1921.
 Married ‎between 1911 and 1915 Pincher Creek, Alberta, Canada to:
3 (1)
woman Margaret Jane Watson‏‎ #52454
Born ‎27 Sep 1881 Belfast, Ireland, died ‎2 May 1953 Saanich, British Columbia, Canada‎, 71 years
generation III (Grandparents)

4 (2)
man William Langton of Farnham Royal, Surrey, UK‏‎ #52446
Born ‎27 Sep 1839 Peckham Rye, Surrey, England, died ‎1919‎, 79 or 80 years. Occupation: Wholesale Druggist/Chemist
twin to john
 Married ‎Dec 1860 (58 or 59 years married) to:
5 (2)
woman Edith "Edith C Moore" Moore‏‎ #8281
Born ‎± 1850 Camberwell, Surrey, England
6 (3)
man Unknown Watson‏‎ #52455
Born ‎± 1851, died ‎before 1911‎
 Married/ Related to:
7 (3)
woman Mary Unknown‏‎ #52452
Born ‎± 1851 Ireland
Arrived in Quebec from Liverpool, England, on 02 Nov 1908 on a vessel named the "Lake Manitoba".
generation IV (Great-Grandparents)

8 (4)
man Henry John Langton of Bexley, Kent, UK‏‎ #3301
Born ‎1804 Slough, Buckinghamshire, UK, died ‎7 Apr 1879 Bexley Heath, London, UK‎, 74 or 75 years. Occupation: Wholesale Druggist/Chemist
lots of children here:

I assume this is the same Henry John Langton mentioned here:

wholesale chemist.
 Married ‎15 Sep 1832 Camberwell, Surrey, England (46 years married) to:
9 (4)
woman Anne Earnshaw Ellis‏‎ #3302
Born ‎± 1812 Lambeth, Surrey, UK, buried ‎ Norwood, Croydon, Surrey, UK
10 (5)
 Married/ Related to:
11 (5)
generation V (Great Great-Grandparents)

16 (8)
man Gent William Langton of of Cippenham, Berkshire‏‎ #3299
Born ‎1761 Farnham Royal, Surrey, England, died ‎1843‎, 81 or 82 years, buried ‎ Sutton, Surrey, UK
1827, Game Duty of Buckinghamshire:
Two Jos. Langtons also mentioned.
 Married ‎2 Jul 1792 (50 or 51 years married) to:
17 (8)
woman Elizabeth Rivers‏‎ #3300
Born ‎± 1761
18 (9)
 Married/ Related to:
19 (9)
generation VI (3rd Great-Grandparents)

32 (16)
man Joseph "Unknown Langton" Langton of Farnham Royal, Berkshire‏‎ #54956
Born ‎± 1719, died ‎27 Mar 1797 Buckinghamshire, UK‎, approximately 78 years, buried ‎21 Mar 1797 Farnham Royal, Buckinghamshire, England. Occupation: Yeoman
Joseph Langton was said to be of Farnham Royal, Bucks, when he married Catherine Pitt(e) of Upton cum Chalvey.

Church Warden 1753/4 at Farnham Court.

Will of 1797 from PCC wills index, found via the internet @ 13/09/2002

29 May 1755
Richard X WORLEY of Chalfont St Giles
Kezia X SIMPSON of this parish
Witnesses Richd Robinson Jos Langton
by Licence

20 Dec 1756
Richard SYMONDS (signs Richard SIMONS) of this parish
Susan X HALL of this parish
Witnesses Jos Langton Jno Hexon?
by Banns

15 Aug 1769
Joseph CANNON of Bray, Berkshire
Rebecca LANGTON of this parish
Witnesses Jos Langton Jno Langton
by Licence

24 Sep 1779
Thomas X HANCOCK of this parish
Susannah X DAWSON of this parish
Witnesses Jos Langton Thos Cook
by Licence

Stoke Poges St Giles 1564 - 1901
1 Dec 1764
Christopher WILLIAMSON of Farnham Royal
Anne BANNISTER of this parish
Witnesses Jos Langton Thos Hu...
by Licence
 Married ‎17 Feb 1757 Upton cum Chalvey, Buckinghashire, England Upton cum Chalvey St Lawrence 1539 - 1902
17 Feb 1757
Joseph LANGTON of Farnham Royal, Bucks
Catherine PITTE of this parish
Witnesses John Pitt Rebecca Langton
by Licence
(approximately 29 years married) to:
33 (16)
woman Catherine "Catherine Pitte" Pitt‏‎ #54978
Born ‎± 1720, died ‎± 1786 Buckinghamshire, UK‎, approximately 66 years, buried ‎17 Jan 1786 Upton cum Chalvey, Buckinghashire, England
cousin of the Great Pitt (whoever that was) according to Charles Langtons, The Langtons of Langton.

Her brother was first husband of Lady Herschell, and Lord of the manor of Upton Park, Slough.
generation VII (4th Great-Grandparents)

64 (32)
man Joseph "Joseph Langton" Langton of Farnham Royal, Surrey, UK‏‎ #3280
Born ‎1681 Farnham Royal, Surrey, England, died ‎29 Nov 1742 Farnham Royal, Surrey, England‎, 60 or 61 years, buried ‎1642 Farnham Royal, Surrey, England
churchwarden 1742.

mentioned in father's will
 Married ‎1 Feb 1710€12 Feb 1710 Farnham Royal, Surrey, England (32 years married) to:
65 (32)
woman Elizabeth Bovingdon‏‎ #54923
Born ‎± 1690, died ‎± 1768 Buckinghamshire, UK‎, approximately 78 years, buried ‎19 May 1768 Farnham Royal, Buckinghamshire, England
generation VIII (5th Great-Grandparents)

128 (64)
man Walter "Walther Langton" Langton of Spencer's Farm, Cookham, Maidenhead, Berkshire,‏‎ #2115
Born ‎1629 Cookham, Maidenhead, Berkshire, UK, died ‎1709 died while his wife was pregnant.‎, 79 or 80 years, buried ‎22 Dec 1709 Cookham, Maidenhead, Berkshire, UK
Lancton - as mentioned in father in law's will, 1680.
Disposed of lands prior to Mr Whitfield of Spencers Farm, 1706.

Windsor St George's Chapel 1633 - 1753
16 Sep 1669
Walther LANGTON of Hitcham
Martha BRICE of Bray
 Married ‎16 Sep 1669 Windsor, Berkshire, England says Walter is of of Hitcham (39 or 40 years married) to:
129 (64)
woman Martha Brice‏‎ #3279
Buried ‎20 Jun 1724 Cookham, Maidenhead, Berkshire, UK
Martha Loncton, mentioned in her father's will, of 1680, and my daughters five children.
generation IX (6th Great-Grandparents)

256 (128)
man (Lunatic) Walter Langton‏‎ #3303
Born ‎± 1605, died ‎26 Mar 1681 Hitcham, Buckinghamshire, England Walter Senior‎, approximately 76 years
22 August 1632
Held reversionary interest of the Hollybush etc at enquiry of 1632 when his son Walter was three years old.

Lunatic 1632. Inquest held at Abington.

seems he held some land at Hollybush, and his brother John held the rest. After Johns death, and then his widow Alice, he got Hollybush, but it was then bigger in recordings than it had been with just John, so presumably he ended up with two halves.

It seems that Hollybush was sold by Walter, or his son, Walter Jr. by 1663 when it was held by J Whitfield.

John Sowthen who died in Denham, Bucks in 1653 refers to “my Cozen Walter Lanton of Maidenhead” in his will
 Married/ Related to:
257 (128)
woman Margaret Unknown‏‎ #3304
Died ‎1652
appointed guardian of her husband in 1632 when he was declared a lunatic. Along with Thomas Sowthen.

ob. ant. 1652. (i.e. died shortly before childbirth - her husbands, or someone else?)
258 (129)
 Married/ Related to:
259 (129)
generation X (7th Great-Grandparents)

512 (256)
man John Langton of Lime Street, and St Peter's le Pore, London‏‎ #568

1605 - gets the Hollybush property in Maidenhead.

Will of Robert Winche of Cookeham, Feb 1604/5, leaves Hollybush to Luce Kember and her son Robert Smith/e. Luce may have been previously married to either Walter Smith/Smythe of Maidenhead (1597 will held at Berkshire Records Office) or John Smith/Smythe of Cookham (1593 will at Berks RO). So Charles Langton's claim in his book "The Langtons of Langton" that Robert Langton was the son of Mary Smyth (Langton), daugher of William Langton of Bennington must incorrect. This brings into question, not only the link to South Lincolnshire, but also to the London Langtons directly above in this tree.
 Married/ Related to:
513 (256)
generation XI (8th Great-Grandparents)

1024 (512)
man Thomas "Thomas Langton" Langton of St. Stephens, Walbrook and St. Benet's, Shereho of London‏‎ #3403
Died ‎1642, buried ‎26 Oct 1642 St Stephens, Walbrook, London, UK. Occupations: Linen Drapper, ‎1605; fishmonger
its possible that there is more than one Thomas, three different occupations are listed at different times. However, the years of events follow suit and appear typical for someone with a wife having a baby about once a year.

NOTE: Thomas Langtons, fishmonger was churchwarden in 1613.
warden of the fishmongers coy.

attested his sister Judith's marriage in 1605. Fishmonger.
gave his sister away on behalf of his Father

This source contains biographies of those involved in the founding of virgina and confirms that the thomas langton involved was the fishmonger from london.
volume 1:
paid £62 10S sub.
Son of thomas langton of london who came out of lincolnshire (this quote perhaps taken from visitation)
churchwarden of st stephens, wallbrook 1613.
An Edward Allen and john allen are also listed, presumably relatives through his wife.
 Married ‎Dec 1597 (24 or 25 years married) to:
1025 (512)
generation XII (9th Great-Grandparents)

2048 (1024)
man Thomas "Thomas Langton, Thomas Langton" Langton of St. Stephen's, Walbrook, London, UK of London of St. Laurence Pountney, Dowgate, London‏‎ #3404
Born ‎± 1548, died ‎1611‎, approximately 63 years, buried ‎29 Dec 1611. Occupations: ‎1569; merchant tailor, ‎1604; merchant tailor
of St. Stephen's, Walbrook and St. Benets, Shereho, and St. Barts, the Exchange, London, UK. According to the book, The Langtons of Langton, he came out of Lincolnshire about 1538. But DNA shows that this is not Langton by Spilsby, but rather Lavington (West Langton), South Lincolnshire.

See note on his uncle William.

He was a merchant tailor and was present at the Elizabethan enquiry 1569.

-- MERGED NOTE ------------

'1582 London Subsidy Roll: Dowgate Ward'
This tax was applied mainly to those of middle and upper classes householders.
Thomas Langton (£5)

could this source be related? It mentions Thomas Langton and John Downes:
 Married ‎12 Apr 1567 St. Michael's, Cornhill, London, UK (approximately 27 years married) to:
2049 (1024)
woman Joan Downes of London‏‎ #561
Died ‎± 1594
2050 (1025)
man Thomas Allen or Ablen‏‎ #563
Occupation: heberdasher
of London
 Married/ Related to:
2051 (1025)
generation XIII (10th Great-Grandparents)

4098 (2049)
man John Downes‏‎ #562
Occupation: grocer
of London
 Married/ Related to:
4099 (2049)