Ancestor Report
generation I

1 (0)
man Gordon Langemarch Langton‏‎ #51582
Born ‎10 May 1915 Peterborough, Ontario, Canada
generation II (Parents)

2 (1)
man Gordon A Langton‏‎ #51581
Born ‎1890, died ‎8 Jun 1953 Peterborough, Ontario, Canada‎, 62 or 63 years
 Married/ Related to:
3 (1)
woman Maude Nisbett‏‎ #51639
Born ‎± 1890
generation III (Grandparents)

4 (2)
man John Oscar Langton‏‎ #51590
Born ‎22 Jun 1856 Ontario, Canada, died ‎7 Jan 1942 Peterborough, Ontario, Canada‎, 85 years
 Married ‎10 May 1879 North Monaghan, Ontario Canada (62 years married) to:
5 (2)
woman Charlotte May‏‎ #51630
Born ‎± 1859 Ontario, Canada
generation IV (Great-Grandparents)

8 (4)
man Joseph Langton‏‎ #51591
Born ‎20 May 1814 Silkstone, Barnsley, Yorkshire, England, died ‎13 Apr 1888 Hastings, Ontario, Canada‎, 73 years, death cause: Asthma, buried ‎ Peterborough, Grey, Ontario Canada
 Married ‎10 Mar 1847 Clarke Township, Ontario, Canada (40 years married) to:
9 (4)
woman Sarah Bishop‏‎ #51546
Born ‎9 Mar 1823 Burnley, Lancaster, England, died ‎5 Dec 1887 Peterborough, Ontario, Canada‎, 64 years, death cause: Stomach Cancer or Aneurysm of Aorta, buried ‎ Peterborough, Grey, Ontario Canada Walter Langton was 19 years of age Hilda was 17 years of age Harry cote s and Edith Banks were present at the marriage.In the year 1830 the (Me thodist New) Connexion commenced work in Hyde, a small roo
m in Cross Street being used for religious worship.
10 (5)
man Arthur May‏‎ #51629
Born ‎± 1820
 Married/ Related to:
11 (5)
woman Mary Unknown‏‎ #51653
Born ‎± 1820
generation V (Great Great-Grandparents)

16 (8)
man William John "William Langton" Langton Esq.‏‎ #51544
Born ‎8 May 1785 Folkton, Yorkshire, England, died ‎± 1860 Minden, Victoria, Ontario, Canada‎, approximately 75 years, buried ‎3 Jan 1860 Neche, North Dakota, USA 3Jan 1860. William Langton, bachelor, 28, whitesmith of 27a Chepstow Vi llas,father William Langton, plumber. Susan Allen, spinster, 20 of 27a C hepstowVillas, father, Stephen Allen, blacksmith. Married by Frank Chap man afterbanns. Witnesses; Robert Corke & Harriett Corke.
One dubious source says that surname might be Lewington.

Hyde Park Cemetery is now called Park Center Cemetery

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SOURCE: Excerpt from research conducted by the Marshall family in 1928, provided by descendant Janet Marshall. Below is a direct transcript, complete with spelling errors and inconsistencies with known family tree data.

William John Langton
1778 - 1860

William John Langton, was born in 1778 at Yorkshire, England. He married in Yorkshire, England, Mary Eden Ridsdale, daughter of _______Ridsdale and ______ (Eden) Ridsdale. He d. in 1860.

William John Langton married Margaret Eden Ridsdale in Yorkshire, England. She was a young lady of a prominent family who was disowned by her father after the marriage. She was born at Eden Castle, County of Durham, England and was the daughter of ______Ridsdale and _____(Eden) Ridsdale. (Eden - variations are Eaden, Edens, Edon, Eeden.)
(A Robert Eaden, parish of Alcester in Warwickshire, England in 1632, married Margaret Walderne, baptized 8 Oct 1612. See NEHGR Vol 8. p75.)

William John Langton came to the New World of North America as early as 1828, embarking at Quebec where he resided for a time and where some of his children were born, thence he came to Cobourg, Ontario, where he held a position of some kind in the Customs Office, having charge of goods coming off ships at the wharf; thence, he removed to Clarke Township, and settled on a farm near Orono, in Lot 17, concession 3, after which, about 1854/5, he removed to Peterborough where he died in 1860. Another grand-child says 1857, age 79 and was buried in the Wesleyan Methodist Cemetery at the north end of George Street. The Langton's were Wesleyan Methodists.
The Commissioner of Customs, at the Department of National Revenue, at Ottawa, Canada, on May 5, 1928, wrote, "I can find no record in this department of a Mr. Langton having been employed as a Customs Officer at Cobourg", Signed C.B.Patten. Therefore, it may be that John Langton was possibly an employer of the Customs Office at Cobourgh, Ontario.
The Registry, Surrogate Court, Tax, and other records at Cobourg reveal nothing as to John Langton or any of his family which signifies that he was not a land holder there, and that the and his family did not continue to reside there. (Tradition in family says that he had something to do with land grants. He is said to have a big farm.)
Two of his grandsons, Dr. William Charles Dumble and H.N. Jay, both of Toronto, Ontario, Canada say that grandfather, John Langton, lived at one time in Cobourg.
As his daughter, Sarah Ellen, attended the private school in Peterboro about 1854-6 (The Mrs. Flavelle School) and there in 1857 married John Jacob Astor Marshall, we must infer that John Langton moved to Peteboro about this time.
The descendants of John Langton hold that a fortune of 38,000 pounds sterling was left at Sheffield, England to the children of John Langton and wife Margaret, ant that the Sheffield's of Sheffield were cousins of the children of said John Langton; also that James Langton, son of said John and Margaret, went to England to see about this reputed fortune, but while there took sick, came back home to Minneapolis, Wisconsin and died before an understanding as to settlement was effected. It seems that no one else to this date (1928) has ever done anything towards determining the rights, if any, of the said John and Margaret's children. George Marshall wrote, "One of the family had to go to England to be identified for money, 38,000 pounds sterling without interest." " Uncle James Langton, grandmother's brother went over and he said he claims he never got anything out of it. Uncle James then lived in Minneapolis and it is thought he put his money in the Manitoba land boom. Uncle James was Nellied Brooms father. Nellie Langton used to carry $10,000, in her stocking. She now owns a ranch of prunes in Oregon."
Another tradition of the family is that John Langton came to Canada from Sheffield, England. John Langtons's grandson Oscar Scott, writes, "Grandfather William John Langton died in Peterborough and was buried in the Wesleyan Methodist Cemetery". No record at LIttle Lake Cemetery of the removal of John Langton from the W.M Cemetery to the L.L. Cemeter;y appears. Hence, he lies in the neglected W.M. Cemetery. His wife, Margaret died in Owen Sound in 1873 at the age of 80, and is there buried. Oscar Scott writes, "John Langton's children were all born in England except Jane and James who were born at Quebec, and Sarah Ellen who was born at Cobourg, and he names them as born in the order listed below:

Children of John and Margaret Langton:
1. John, b England. Kept a tannery at Port Hope, Ont. He died in Cleveland, OH. His son Bert, b. No. Dakota, d. June 23, 1902, ae 3.
2. Frank born in England. Lived in Detroit, Michigan and married______. Chn: Emma, unm.; Ollie, m. Thomas Daniels of Lansing, Mich., and their dau. m. Prof. Utze, of University of Michigan. Burt, unm
3. Mary Ann, born in England; m.______ McIntyre. She was buried in Newtonville, Ont. 1857.
4. Joseph, b. England in 1816; m. Sarah _____. She b. in England; d. Dec 5 1897, ae 66. He died poor, due to drink, in Peterborough Apr 15, 1887 ae 66.. Chn. A son who followed in the footsteps of his father; Wm.G., eldest son, lives in Neche, N. Dakota, Route . Has a family; Edward m. _____ Bishop. He was Mayor of Pembina, No. Dak in 1928. His children are all University graduates. Francis Joseph, Jr., d. Peterborough. ea 15; Martha, m. J. Lane, Peteborough; John m.______.
5. Margaret, born in England; m. William Charles Lee, brother of Robert E. Lee. WC was a contractor and builder. They had a son, Joe Lee, b. Oct. 19, 1857, in Ontario and was an aviator in World War I. Also a son Wm and a dau. Martha.
6. William, born England; He was killed when the Midland Railroad was being built and he was buried in Newtonville Cemetery in 1854.
7. Martha, b. England; m. William Dumble, b. Dec 5, 1822; d. Mch 1, 1888. She died in Minden, June 2, 1865, and was buried at Peterborough. Chn: Amelia Rachel, b. Cobourg, Sept 1, 1847. d. infancy. Their son Dr. William Dumble, b. Cobourg, Aug 29, 1848m., Dr. Dumble was a graduate of Queen's University at Kingston, Ont. , Frank m. Nettie Bruce. Frances G. b. 1851; James Wentworth, b. Peteboro, July 25, 1855, m. Fannie Watson. She has the Dumble Bible and records and lived in 1928 at 1914 W. 20th Street, Los Angeles, Calif.; Wibert died ae. 3.
8. Jane, b. Quebec, Canada, 1828; m. April 1, 1847, Truman Scott. She died Mch 31, 1886. In a letter in May 1928, her son Oscar says, "I can remember being at grandfather Langton's home on the farm and seeing him. Soon after, they moved to Peterboro. Grandmother visited at our home for several years after they moved to Peterboro. Uncle Jake Marshall lived in Peterboro and Aunt Sarah and he were married there and, I think some of their children were born there. Also, I remember Uncle Jake said that he was related to John Jacob Astor."
9. James, b. Quebec, Canada, 1830; m. Agnes Jeffrey in Peterboro. Removed about 1864 to Minden, Ont. Was a merchant , a man of great initiative, a leader; took a train load of settlers to Pembina, N. Dakota, and secured a homestead for each family and staid with them until they were established. He afterwards removed to Minneapolis. Successful, winter in California, own tow homes..
10. Sarah Ellen, b. Cobourg, Ontario, 24 Sept 1832; married John Jacob Astor Marshall.
 Married ‎13 Jul 1811 Brompton by Northallerton, Yorkshire, England (approximately 49 years married) to:
17 (8)
woman Margaret Eden "Margaret Ridsdale, Margaret Eden Ridgedale, Marg" Ridsdale‏‎ #65961
Born ‎28 Feb 1790 Bolton-on-Swale, Yorkshire, England Address: St. Nicholas Parish Church, died ‎30 Sep 1872 Owen Sound, Grey, Ontario, Canada‎, 82 years
SOURCE: Excerpt from research conducted by the Marshall family in 1928, provided by descendant Janet Marshall. Below is a direct transcript, complete with spelling errors and inconsistencies with known family tree data.

Margaret Eden Ridsdale
Married William John Langton
He born 1778 England
He died between 1857 and 1860 in Peterboro, Canada
Their daughter Sara Ellen Langton married John Jacob Astor Marshall

Margaret Eden Ridsdale married William John Langton in England. She was a young lady of a prominent family. We do not have any information of the Ridsdale's but do know that she was born in Eden Castle, County Durham, England.

SOURCE: Transcript of a death notice in the "Owen Sound Times", Owen Sound, Jan. 1871 to Dec. 1873,
Died: In Owen Sound, on the 30th ult., Margaret E.R.
Dale, relict of the late William Langton, Esq., Clarke,
aged 84 years.

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SOURCE: Transcript of a death notice in the "Owen Sound Times", Owen
Sound, Jan. 1871 to Dec. 1873,
Died: In Owen Sound, on the 30th ult., Margaret E.R.
Dale, relict of the late William Langton, Esq., Clarke,
aged 84 years.
18 (9)
man John Bishop‏‎ #51545
Born ‎± 1795
 Married/ Related to:
19 (9)
woman Mary Simpson‏‎ #51648
Born ‎± 1795
generation VI (3rd Great-Grandparents)

32 (16)
man John Langton‏‎ #7901
Born ‎1747/8 Folkton, Yorkshire, England, died ‎1820‎, approximately 73 years
john s of Francis
 Married ‎12 Oct 1784 Folkton, Yorkshire, England (35 or 36 years married) to:
33 (16)
woman Elisabeth "Elizabeth Mayman" Mayman‏‎ #7902
Born ‎1765, died ‎between 1 Apr 1847 and 30 Jun 1847 Scarborough, Yorkshire, UK‎, 81 or 82 years
(Research):Birth 1765

Death Q2 1847 Scarboro',24 350
34 (17)
 Married ‎29 May 1787 Bolton-on-Swale, Yorkshire, England to:
35 (17)
generation VII (4th Great-Grandparents)

64 (32)
man Francis "Francis Lankton" Langton‏‎ #7915
Died ‎1799 Folkton, Yorkshire, England, buried ‎13 Dec 1799 Folkton, Yorkshire, England
 Married ‎before 1746 York, Yorkshire, England to:
65 (32)
woman Mary Dubberly‏‎ #7992
Born ‎± 1726 York, Yorkshire, England, died ‎± 1791 Folkton, Yorkshire, England‎, approximately 65 years, buried ‎4 Jan 1791 Folkton, Yorkshire, England Mary,wife of Francis Langton                         
66 (33)
 Married/ Related to:
67 (33)
generation VIII (5th Great-Grandparents)

128 (64)
man Francis "Francis Laughton" Langton‏‎ #7948
Born ‎± 1680 York, Yorkshire, England this record may be non-specific, i.e. by stating York, it might mean 'somewhere in Yorkshire'., died ‎1760 Folkton, Yorkshire, England‎, approximately 80 years, buried ‎9 May 1760 Folkton, Yorkshire, England. Occupation: Weaver
 Married ‎5 May 1719 Folkton, Yorkshire, England (35 or 36 years married) to:
129 (64)
woman Thomasin "Thomasina Puckering" Puckering‏‎ #7949
Born ‎1690 Reighton, East Yorkshire, UK, died ‎1755 Folkton, Yorkshire, England‎, 64 or 65 years, buried ‎24 Jan 1755 Thomison,widow of Francis Laughton
generation IX (6th Great-Grandparents)

258 (129)
 Married/ Related to:
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