Ancestor Report
generation I

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man Cecil Arthur Lionel Trevor George Herbert "Arthur Cecil Gore Langton, Cecil Arthur Gorelang" Gore Langton‏‎ #51531
Born ‎25 Aug 1882 Newton St. Loe, Somerset, UK, died ‎25 Feb 1925 Honolulu, Hawaii‎, 42 years. Occupation: consulting engineer
Cecil Arthur's parents were possibly Lord William or Stephen Gore-Langton. Lord Gore-Langton by his first wife had two daughters: Lily and Lena.
Lord Gore-Langton and Mary Ethel Pross had two sons by their marriage:
Cecil Arthur Lionel Trevor George Herbert Gore-Langton born in 1882.
Leonard Merton Gore-Langton born in 1884
Now, when Lord Gore-Langton told his sons, that when they go to the United States, they can put the Gore-Langton name together or split it up and use one or the other. In other words, Gorelangton or Gore or Langton. My grandfather put the name together.
Not comes the problem. We do not know what happened to Leonard, Lily or Lena.
Mary Ethel Pross was the daughter of Nathaniel Pross, who server in the civil war ont eh South's side as a doctor and is rumoured to ahve been in Jefferson Davis' Cabinet.
Tom Gorelangton
12 mast drive
suisun city

consulting engineer. Hilo. Hawaii;
born August 25, 1882, at Bath, Eng-
land; education, Eton College, Ox-
ford University, University of Lon-
don, B. S. (Eng.) 1902; married
Kamakai Magoon, in Calif., March
1, 1919; one son: Eaton Arthur.
Practised profession in India,
China, South America, and U. S.
A. ; served in Boer War with Brit-
ish forces, Imperial Yeomanary and
Hussars, receiving D. M. C. and
Queen's Medal; served in World
War, Capt. Calvary and Engineers,
wounded and invalided out, re-
ceiving M. C., Mons Star. General
Service Medal and Victory Medal;
Captain of Engineers U. S. Army,
receiving Victory Medal; retains
permanent rank of Capt., British
Army; prof, of Military Science
& Tactics, Calif. Institute of Tech-
nology. 1919; consulting engineer,
Hilo, Hawaii, since. Member En-
gineers Club and Olympic Club,
San Francisco; Hawaii Automobile
Club, Hilo Yacht Club, University
Club, American Legion, and a
number of professional societies;
generation II (Parents)

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man Unknown "William S Gore Langton" Unknown‏‎ #51543 it was claimed that this family descended from the Gore Langton earls of Somerset, however DNA shows this not to be the case.
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woman Mary Ethel Pross‏‎ #51533

married about 1880
generation III (Grandparents)

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