Ancestor Report
generation I

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man Joseph John Donald Langton‏‎ #46909
Born ‎20 May 1913 Farrelton, Quebec, Canada, died ‎1978‎, 64 or 65 years
generation II (Parents)

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man Thomas Andrew Langton‏‎ #46921
Born ‎5 Jun 1854 Wakefield, Quebec, Canada, died ‎4 Oct 1931 Ottawa, Ontario, Canada‎, 77 years
 Married ‎8 Jul 1895 Poltimore, Quebec, Canada (29 years married) to:
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woman Mary Elizabeth Cummings‏‎ #46870
Born ‎± 1871, died ‎8 Dec 1924 Farrelton, Quebec, Canada‎, approximately 53 years, buried ‎10 Dec 1924 Farrelton, Quebec, Canada
generation III (Grandparents)

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man Michael "Edward Langton" Langton‏‎ #46862
Born ‎± 1810 Ireland, died ‎14 Apr 1891 Farrelton, Quebec, Canada‎, approximately 81 years, buried ‎16 Apr 1891 Farrelton, Quebec, Canada
Michael had three children in Ireland. Edmond, Michael and Bridget were born in 1840, 1843 and 1845, respectively. All children are presumed to have died in about 1847 as a result of the Great Famine.

Prior to his arrival in Canada, Michael would have lived in the Castlecomer Miner Area, Co. Kilkenny, Ireland. His family's emigration would have been arranged by the mine owner, Wandesforde. His exact date of arrival in Canada is unknown. However, it is almost certain that he first set foot on Canadian soil at Grosse Ile, Quebec. At that time, all incoming vessels were quarantined on this island in the St. Lawrence Seaway, about 20 miles downstream of Quebec City. The consequences were often devastating. No fewer than 5424 people were buried there in 1847, with typhus and diphtheria being the primary causes of death. Grosse Ile is now a National Historic Site of Canada.

Michael had six children in Farrellton, Quebec. John James, Eliza, Michael, Thomas Andrew, Andrew and Edmond were born between 1847 and 1858. Perhaps Michael and Edmond were named after their deceased siblings back in Ireland.

Michael is believed to be an older child of Bridget Buckley. This is the reason why…

In the 1851(1852) Census for the Province of Canada East (Quebec), Michael is found living in the Sub-District of Masham, at Rang2. Bridget's son John is found living in the same Sub-District, at the same Rang1. Bridget's daughter Sarah is found living with her husband Peter Jones in the same Sub-District, in adjacent Rang4.

In the 1861 Census, they switch Lots. Michael keeps Rang2 and acquires John's Rang1. John vacates Rang1, and acquires Sarah & Peter's Rang3. Sarah & Peter vacate Rang3, and acquire Rang4.

The fact that Michael, John and Sarah have the same surname, came from the same place in Ireland, came to the same place in Canada and lived so close to one another, strongly suggests that they were related. Michael even named his first born daughter Bridget, presumably after her grandmother.
 Married ‎7 Feb 1839 Ballyhemin, Co Kilkenny, Ireland (52 years married) to:
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woman Anastasia "Ann Collins" Collins‏‎ #46866
Born ‎± 1825 Ireland, died ‎before 1895 Canada‎
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man Michael Cummings‏‎ #46871
Born ‎± 1840
 Married/ Related to:
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woman Johanne O'Brien‏‎ #46933
Born ‎± 1840