Ancestor Report
generation I

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man John Usmar Langton‏‎ #46710
Born ‎21 Jan 1890 Richmond, Ontario, Canada, died ‎11 May 1961 Loretteville, Quebec, Canada‎, 71 years, buried ‎ Sillery, Quebec, Canada. Occupation: Gardener / Farmer
Date of Death is exactly as recorded in the Quebec Death Index (1926-1996), as found in the BAnQ (Bibilotheque et Archives nationales du Quebec).
generation II (Parents)

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man Edwin Ralph Langton‏‎ #46671
Born ‎1 May 1852 Hanwell, Middlesex, England, died ‎20 Aug 1930 Sillery, Quebec, Canada‎, 78 years, buried ‎22 Aug 1930 Sillery, Quebec, Canada. Occupation: Gardener
According to a story that David Edwin Livingston Langton once told to his cousin Wined Dorothy Candler nee Langton...
Edwin Ralph and his first wife would have had a son together. Both mother and child were said to have died in Australia, because of a "BUG". It is not clear at all if the word "BUG" refers to a virus or an insect bite.
...The story is most likely a collection of half-truths. Edwin and Ruth did go to Australia, but the circumstances of their separation are still unknown. It is a fact that Ruth Winkworth died in England in 1894, eight years after Edwin Ralph re-married in Canada. Technically speaking, Edwin Ralph Langton was a bigamist. Perhaps the story David told Wined originated as a lie from Edwin Ralph himself; a cover story for what really happened.

Edwin Ralph is believed to have arrived for the first time in Canada aboard the Circassian, on the 18th of June, 1883. He initially went to Desoronto, Ontario, where he likely worked in the experimental gardens owned by the Rathbun Company. His first two sons, William Andrews and John Usmar, were born in Ontario. He then moved to St. Hyacinthe, Quebec, where his next two children, Ann Andrews and Henry "Harry" Henderson, were born. Eventually, he settled in Sillery, Quebec, where he had his last child, Ruth Penney. Perhaps she was named after his late first wife..
 Married ‎26 Oct 1886 Sillery, Quebec, Canada (43 years married) to:
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woman Martha Elizabeth Steel Penney‏‎ #46801
Born ‎1 Nov 1862 Sillery, Quebec, Canada, died ‎4 Oct 1940 Sillery, Quebec, Canada‎, 77 years, buried ‎7 Oct 1940 Sillery, Quebec, Canada
generation III (Grandparents)

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man William Langton‏‎ #46763
Born ‎± 1822 Kensington, London, England, died ‎27 Feb 1901 Acton, Brentford, Middlesex, England‎, approximately 79 years. Occupation: Grave Digger at Kensington Cemetery
Was said to be Deaf. Probably profound hearing loss.
 Married ‎1 Jan 1849 Kensington, London, England (49 years married) to:
5 (2)
woman Ann Sophia Andrews‏‎ #46590
Born ‎± 1825 Blackfriars, Surrey, England, died ‎between Apr 1898 and Jun 1898 Brentford, Middlesex, England‎, 72 or 73 years
generation IV (Great-Grandparents)

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man Samuel "Samuel Langthon" Langton‏‎ #46749
Born ‎± 1790 Hillingdon, London, UK, died ‎± 1832 Kensington, London, England‎, approximately 42 years, buried ‎19 Oct 1832 St Mary Abbots, Kensington, Middlesex, England. Occupation: Labourer
 Married ‎6 Feb 1809 St Mary Hanwell, Middlesex, England (approximately 23 years married) to:
9 (4)
woman Sarah Leather‏‎ #46771
Born ‎± 1787 Hayes, Middlesex, England, died ‎after 1861‎
generation V (Great Great-Grandparents)

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man James "James Langthorn, James Langthorne" Langton‏‎ #46701
Born ‎± 1752, died ‎± 1822‎, approximately 70 years, buried ‎20 Jan 1822 Hillingdon, Middlesex, UK. Occupation: Labourer
 Married ‎4 Apr 1777 Denham, Buckinghamshire, UK Denham St Mary 1569 - 1901
4 Apr 1777
James X LANGTON of this parish
Mary TOWN (signs Polli TOWN) of this parish
Witnesses John X Clark Siphras X Town
by Banns
(approximately 45 years married) to:
17 (8)
woman Mary "Polly Langton" Town‏‎ #46840
Born ‎± 1752
Address: Saint Vedast