man John Langton‏‎ #60643‎, son of Guy "Guy Langton" Langton of California, and Victoria, BC, Canada and Christina M "Christina A Langton" Stewart of Scotland‏.
Born ‎1 Jul 1901 Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Occupation: Timekeeper in a shipyard
2 more sons and a daughter also

Married ‎25 Oct 1925 Victoria, British Columbia, Canada to:

woman Pauline Dorothy Eckel‏‎ #60653‎, daughter of Louis Eckel and Dorothy Viola Lowe‏.
Born ‎30 sep 1901 Brooklyn, King's County, New York, USA


man Jr John Langton of California, USA‏‎ #8846‎
Born ‎6 Oct 1926 Brooklyn, King's County, New York, USA, died ‎15 Jan 1998 Gustine, California, USA‎, 71 years, buried ‎1998 Merced County, California, USA

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man Edward Langton of Elmhurst, Illinois, USA‏‎ #66378‎
Born ‎20 May 1928 Elmhurst, Illinois, USA
man Frank Langton of Brooklyn, New York, USA‏‎ #66379‎
Born ‎29 Dec 1933 Brooklyn, New York, USA
woman Patricia Langton of Teaneck, Bergen, New Jersey,‏‎ #66380‎
Born ‎22 Dec 1938 Teaneck, Bergen, New Jersey,