man George Langton of Toxteth Park, Liverpool, Lancashire, UK‏‎ #7206‎, son of George "George Langton" Langton of Liverpool, Lancashire, UK and Ann "Ann Langton" Clarke‏.
Born ‎1845 Liverpool, Lancashire, UK, buried ‎21 Feb 1889 Stalybridge, Greater Manchester, UK. Occupation: Puddler in iron works
I have some doubt about this George being born here. I think he was probably born Ashton under Lyne as there is a George about this age born there in the register of births for England who then married in Toxteth Park. But there isn't another birth record in Toxteth Park with this name and date, so it looks unlikely that he was born there.

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1861 Toxteth
1881 76 Booth St Dukinfield
1891 Dukinfield

Married ‎13 Feb 1870 Aigburth, Liverpool, Lancashire, UK to:

woman Catherine "Catherine Langton" Barker‏‎ #59987‎
Born ‎24 Jun 1851 Birkenhead, Lancashire, UK
1901 A-u-L Catherine Bulmer

1891 32 Buckley St Dukinfield, no George


woman Mary Jane Langton‏‎ #59988
Born ‎1871 Prescot, Merseyside, UK
woman Elizabeth Ann Langton‏‎ #59989
Born ‎1873 Prescot, Merseyside, UK
man George William Langton‏‎ #59990‎
Born ‎sep 1875 Stalybridge, Greater Manchester, UK, buried ‎28 sep 1895 Stalybridge, Greater Manchester, UK
man Robert Langton‏‎ #59991‎
Born ‎20 Jul 1877 Stalybridge, Greater Manchester, UK
woman Laura Langton‏‎ #59992‎
Born ‎17 Aug 1879 Stalybridge, Greater Manchester, UK
woman Ada "Ada Greenwood" Langton‏‎ #60023
Born ‎4 Nov 1881 Dukinfield, Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancashire, UK
man Albert Edward Langton‏‎ #60025
Born ‎9 Oct 1883 Stalybridge, Greater Manchester, UK. Occupation: Nail maker / Insurance agent
woman Sarah Beatrice Langton‏‎ #59993‎
Born ‎15 Feb 1886, buried ‎17 Feb 1887 Stalybridge, Greater Manchester, UK
woman Lilian "Lilian Ash" Langton‏‎ #60024
Born ‎Jun 1888 Stalybridge, Greater Manchester, UK