man Walter William Rowland "Walter William R Langton, Walter William E Langt" Langton of Portsmouth, England‏‎ #418‎    , son of Joseph Walter "Joseph W Langton" Langton and Emily Hinton "Emily H Langton" Butcher‏.
Born ‎Oct 1898 Portsea Island, Hampshire, UK, died ‎Feb 1989 Portsmouth, Hampshire, UK I, one of Walter William Roland's great grandchildren remember the day he died. We were visiting my grandparents and my grandad got the call to say he had passed away. I was eight.‎, 90 years. Occupation: police officer
recorded as Roland on the 1910 census, age 2.
recorded as Roland on the 1911 census, age 12.

Would have been 39/40 when World War Two started in 1939. Men ages 18-41 were liable for conscription. In 1942 the age range was increased to 51. But Walter was a policeman and police were reserved against conscription as carrying out essential roles. Therefore he was not conscripted. He did have a terrible job though because he was on the streets while portsmouth was being bombed.

Married ‎Jun 1920 Bromley, Kent, England originally our records said 1919, but the BMD database says 1918. (48 years married) to:

woman Mary Elizabeth Benge‏‎ #419‎    
Born ‎Apr 1896 Bromley, Kent, England, died ‎Sep 1968 Portsmouth, Hampshire, UK David remembers and was there.‎, 72 years


woman Phylis "Phyllis L Langton" Langton‏‎ #422    
Born ‎1919 Bromley, Kent, England, died ‎22 Apr 2012‎, 92 or 93 years
a lovely woman.
man Rowland E W "Rowland Edward W Langton" Langton‏‎ #424‎    
Born ‎1920 Portsmouth, Hampshire, UK, died ‎2000 Portsmouth, Hampshire, UK‎, 79 or 80 years
Langton mormon knocked.
You need to go round to my fathers and directed him.
Mormon went round there and was told to clear off.
man Living Langton‏‎ #425