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How To Order a Y-DNA Test

If you are a male Langton (or alternative spelling), or have a male relative who will be taking the test, then follow these steps to order your test kit:

  1. Go to the Langton DNA Project on Family Tree DNA. Ordering through the Langton project allows us to track your order processing and chase it up for you if there are any delay. Further the project allows you to buy 12 or 25 marker tests, which otherwise are not available on the main FTDNA homepage (though we reccomend at least 37 marker tests as 12 or 25 often isn't enough data to assign you to the correct Langton group. Note: we do not recieve anything for you ordering through our project, no kickback or anything like that - our interest is purely as fellow Langton genalogists.
  2. Click "Join Request" in the blue bar.
  3. Under Option B. Join, click "Purchase A Test To Join This Project".
  4. Scroll down to the Y-DNA test section and select the one with the numbers of markers you want to purchase. It's quite straightforward from here.

Don't have a living male relative to take a test? You may be interested in the "General Fund"