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Don't have a living male relative who can take a test?

Then the "General Fund" might be of interest. This fund allows us to subsidise testing for appropriate people who qualify to take a test and whose DNA might further our knowledge of the different Langton families, but who wouldn't otherwise consider taking a test. This fund is for people meeting one of the following criteria:

To donate to the Langton project General Fund, click this link to FTDNA's General Fund page and follow the instructions on the page, selecting the "Langton/Lenton" group name as the recipient from the dropdown list. The donation will then show up in the project's General Fund. It can only be used by us as the project administrators.

If you have any preference for how your donation to the fund is used, then we will use it specifically as you request. For instance, you may want to fund those who meet the first criteria above, but not the second. Or vice versa. Or perhaps you already know which Langton family you belong to and you are interested in funding only people who trace back to the same family. No problem; just let us know if you have any preference.