By David Langton

April 2010

Help needed - Can I speak Frankley to the Langtons of Worcestershire?

Don't just work in Worcester or take your ease in Evesham. Don't read and itch in Redditch or just squirm in Birmingham. Worcestershire and the Langtons need you.

The Langtons go back in Worcester a long way. As far back as 1367 William and Margery Langton were doing a roaring trade supplying the citizens of Worcester with a whole range of goods. Being such an intelligent and hard working species they did so well that they were even able to give entire properties to the church. They even paid their taxes stumping up two shillings tax in 1377. Not for them the Peasants Revolt which took place in Kent in the same year.

The Langtons seem to have prospered for over a hundred years and eventually had at least half a dozen shops, gardens and fields. That is before widow Margaret Langton the daughter of Sir William Lychefeld went bust in 1487and had to surrender the property to the bailiffs court. Coming so soon after the Wars of the Roses ended in 1485 at the battle of Bosworth, it may be that she was ruined with a heavy fine for supporting the wrong side, the Yorkists, Richard III and all that.

That's the last we hear of the Langtons in Worcester for a while, but they probably had descendents who may still live in Worcestershire. If you live there ask yourself are you intelligent and hard working? You could be just the person we need.

Meanwhile in Evesham or should I say Ev-es-ham Anthony Langton was marrying off his daughter to the Lord Mayor of London's son in about 1638. So the two of them became Sir Thomas and Lady Ann Rowe of Swanford Oxfordshire. Ann did her duty and produced three sons and numerous daughters. She had come a long way since her childhood in Littleton just north of Evesham. She had gone from a Littleton to a lot of town up in London, but were there other Langtons left behind in Evesham and breeding just as enthusiastically as her? Are you descended from them?

Then there is the strange case of Frankley in the north of Worcestershire on the outskirts of Birmingham. What are the Lancashire Langton arms of three red chevrons on a silver background doing in Worcestershire? Looks like Langtons moved from Lancashire to the Birmingham area and maybe if you are a Langton from Birmingham you are descended from them.

So how can you help? We need two things. Firstly people to go to the Worcestershire Record office and find out what stuff they hold there on the Langtons and let us know. A word of warning, don't get confused with the Langstone's who were at Sedgeberrow.

We also need people to go to the Birmingham record office and report back on all things Langton.

Finally if your surname is Langton please get your Y chromosome DNA tested and send us the results. In time when we have enough data, we hope to produce a DNA map of the Langtons. We may eventually be able to tell you where you originated from, the most likely places being Leicestershire, Lancashire and Yorkshire. So don't bide your time in Bidford, don't go sour in Stourport, don't just kid along in Kidderminster or dwell in Droitwich, be as busy as a bee in Bromsgrove and make your contribution to the Langtons. If you've already traced back your family tree share the results, get in Contact.