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Langtons from Sussex

The Langtons of East and West Sussex are of particular interest because Sussex does not contain a Langton place-name origin. There was perhaps a placename Langton near Battle, but we cant find much on this and there is no evidence of it giving rise to a surname. So the Langtons in Sussex appear to come from elsewhere.

There are two famous Langtons who move to Sussex in the 13th and 14th centuries, and appear to have left behind descendants. The first is Stephen Langton, the Archbishop of Canterbury, who died at Slindon, in Sussex, and also held Uckfield. Perhaps also relevant is Recluver in Kent (not too far away).

The other famous Langton, John Langton, the Bishop of Chichester, also turned up at Recluver, Kent and later in 1399 another Langton, this one a Robert, turns up as well.

Bishop John was in Chichester, which obviously is in Sussex as well, and he seems to own a few other bits of land around Chichester. Then we get other Langtons who are clearly related as they are often mentioned in the same deeds as the Bishop while he was alive. They could perhaps be his children, or maybe more likely, his grandchildren.

Then we get lots of other Langtons that appear to be from future generations, but we are unclear how they might be related

The next record we have after this period is a birthdate in the 1700s from an early census record from the 1800s. After this we get alot of census records for Langtons in Sussex. Alot of these have been added to the datbase, and all of the above medieval Langtons can be found in the database as well. See Family Trees.

If you are a Sussex Langton, or descend from a Sussex Langton then please get in touch. You could be a descendant of Bishop John Langton of Chichester, who was also Chancellor of England. It looks like John was himself a descendant of Stephen Langton, the Archbishop, so that means you would be too!