Most Langtons live in...

Are you a Langton researcher in London, Surrey, Lancashire, Yorkshire, Leicestershire or Derbyshire?

These 6 areas have the highest numbers of Langtons in England. In fact two out of every 3 Langtons live in one of these localities. Given your sheer weight of numbers we believe that there are Langton family tree researchers amongst you. Why don't we all work together?

If you have traced back your Langton family tree send us the details so that they can be entered on the site. This may put you in touch with some lost Langton relatives.

Also if you have an interesting Langton story to tell about Langton ancestors write a short article and send it to us. We don't guarantee to post it but we may well do so. Have you seen the brilliant article by Mike Green on the Cheshire Langtons?

Don't sit there thinking your stuff isn't good enough send it in and you may be surprised. There are perhaps 8,000 Langtons in the world. Nowhere near enough, I hear you say. How very true. Over half these Langtons live overseas they have not only left their individual Langton villages they have left England.

Perhaps if you are an overseas Langton in USA, Canada, Australia, Ireland, South Africa, New Zealand or wherever, you have only thought of tracing back to the pioneers of your own country. By the miracle of DNA you can jump the Atlantic and find out which Langton village you came from. But it needs everyone to supply their piece of the jig saw puzzle so that we have all the possible pieces.

It is not only overseas Langtons that have moved but the majority of Langtons in England as well. Langton is a northern and midlands name so all Langtons in the south moved south at some stage. Let's try and find out where you come from. So if you have connections with Kensington, Bethnal Green, St Pancras or Lambeth you are part of an important long established London and Surrey Langton population. Time to contribute your piece of the puzzle.

Many Lancashire Langtons came originally from Leicestershire but surely not all five hundred of you. Don't just sit there in Chorley, submit some research or start some, or give your brother a Y chromosome DNA kit for his birthday.

You lads from Yorkshire what an interesting Langton history you have. So Doncaster any of you had a Langton son or grandson find out their DNA they'll have it for life. Can you think of a more unique gift for a new born Langton?

But don't forget to give the site the details. Alfreton and Codnor in Derbyshire any researchers among you? Contact us?

What an ancient population of Langtons on the Derbyshire/Notts border but you can't come from there because there is no Langton village. Or is there a lost village or something? Who the heck are you guys and where did you come from? The silence is deafening!

Leicestershire we know you're from Leicestershire, how easy to research is that. There are close on a hundred of you in Leicester St Margaret alone and over 200 of you all told. You are the least researched group on the site, we know little about you other than our great friend Bishop Walter Langton of Lichfield, Coventry and Chester. We're sure some of you are sitting on first class information. One of you must have a family tree.

What shall I say of Newbury and Toxteth Park, Slough and Lincoln, Nottinghamshire and Buckinghamshire. Langtons of the world unite! 2015 is the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta so you'll be hearing plenty of Stephan Langton as the time approaches. To celebrate freedom, the rule of law and the great name of Langton, let's post the research and create a great DNA map so that uniquely we can match DNA to each and every Langton village and we all will know where we came from.