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Started: November 2011. Updated November 2012.

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Often when searching the internet for records over the years, we have found details of Langtons who have died in wars, many at a very young age, and some in recent modern wars. It's a sad reality and is not exclusive to the Langton family, but it seems right that we remember these individuals, and this is the page where we will do that.

This article will be updated continually and is a work in progress.

Furthermore this memorial is open to anyone who bore the name Langton, even if only a first or middle name. Also, there is more to this memorial than those who have died in wars, it is a page to remember any of our lost relatives, even those who have only just left us. As with the main LostLangtons database, these lists should not contain living Langtons, but rather individuals who either died in the conflict itself, or who survived but have since died.

If you know of someone who should be added to this list then please get in contact with the details.

I've been asked if i would be willing to list the dna of close relatives against the names in this memorial. Yes, I would be happy to, so long as the person is a close relative, son, grandson, nephew, something like that. If your interested, then please get in contact.

Not all conflicts that Langtons have served in are listed below. Over time we would like to add any such conflicts and list and Langtons involved. For example, we would like to list anyone who served in the American Civil war, or Irish Wars of Independance. Official records are not necesarily required, particularly for older wars. We simply need to know who served in which conflict, even if we have no details of where they fought, their rank, etc, we can still list them.

So, if you know of a Langton who fought in a conflict, even if not listed below, please get in contact and let us know!

Conflicts between 1264 and 1913

This page includes the Anglo–Spanish War (1585–1604), the Napoleonic Wars (1803-1815), the Crimean War (1853-1856), the Indian Mutiny of 1857, the Second Boer War (1899 - 1902), and other conflicts in this period.

World War One and World War Two (1914-1918 and 1939-1945)

This page is a complete list of those Langtons who died in the two world wars. The list covers the UK, Australia, Canada and the USA.

Not all of those who served but survived are listed yet.

You may also want to look at this Australian list (external site) which provides a more complete list for Australia.

Modern Conflicts

Falklands War - none known.

Gulf War - none known.

Iraq War - none known.

Afganistan War - One record:

Name and Rank: Serjeant John Joseph Langton

Born: 1977

Death: 2 September 2006

Burial: Duisans British Cemetery, Pas-de-Calais, France

External Site: WesternFrontAssociation