The Lost Tribes of Langton

Lost Tribes of Langtons - DNA of Dawkin, Dawkins, Lankton, Landon, Lanton, Laynton, Longton, Lowe, Messingberd.

Some other surnames might contain people who are in fact genetic Langtons but now carry another name. If you fit the description below then please send in your DNA.

The Dawkins of South Wales are genetic Y chromosome Langtons descended from Dawkin Langton of the Gower in the thirteenth century. In fact the armorial shield of the Dawkins is an adaption of the Yorkshire Langton shield. Whereas the Langton shield is red with an ermine chevron between three golden lions rampant, the Dawkins shield has a counterermine chevron (i.e. the black and white are reversed) but the rest of the shield is identical. If you are a Dawkin from Wales or England or anywhere else, then send us your Y chromosome results.

Lankton occasionally occurs in the UK but seems to occur more frequently in the USA. It's pretty obvious you're really Langtons, but which group?

Landon has at least two routes of origin, most are linked with Flanders but some Landons are ethnic Lincolnshire Langtons. Ever wanted to be connected with archbishop Stephen Langton now is your chance.

Lanton - if you are from the north particularly from Yorkshire, Lancashire or Northumberland please send your DNA.

Laynton represents the biggest shift of the Langton surname and the names Langton and Laynton are used interchangeably in the Staffordshire area. You are really Langtons but exactly where from we'll never know unless you pass over those Y chromosome results.

Longton, particularly if you are from Lancashire, you know what you should do.

Lowe especially if you are from Westminster or London you may be in reality Lancashire Langtons-Let's find out.

Messingberd-Some Messingberds are Langtons who changed name to inherit land.

There is a small amount of name drift from one name to a more commonly occurring surname in your area. So if your Y chromosome doesn't fit others in your surname, send the result to us, it may be that you are a drifted Langton.

This would apply to Langston in the Buckinghamshire area and perhaps Worcestershire. Linton in Scotland, Yorkshire and elsewhere. Possibly Langdon, Laughton, Leighton and Layton and Leyton in some areas.

Launton if any of you actually exist.

Finally there are people whose shields suggest they're Langtons but we don't think they are. Well here's your chance to prove us wrong. This applies to the names, Lickton, Langham, Langtree, Langthorn, Langborne Langbourne Longford Longfield Langfield and Lanford. DNA does not lie.