DNA projects: Your surname needs you!

I had a look at DNA results posted for similar surnames. The LangSton one has 26 results posted. This is a less common surname than Langton, there are over twice as many Langtons as LangStons.

The LangDon DNA project has 18 results posted, despite the fact that we outnumber them 3 to 2.

This would suggest that there are between 30-50 Langtons out there who have probably had their Y-DNA tested and would be willing to post it if they knew about this site. There are probably 50 Langton Y-DNA results sitting in folders somewhere hiding in obscurity, as indeed my DNA test results were until we created this site.

So if you are a Langton or related to Langtons and you know a test has been done then ask about getting it posted on this site alongside our results.

If we can establish the Y-DNA sequences for Lincolnshire, Leicestershire and Yorkshire we will be able to match up DNA sequences with our colonial cousins. Many in the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand can trace so far back but then hit a brick wall of no records in the early colonies, Ireland or the civil war in England. If Team Langton works together we can crack this problem and determine origins.

So colonial cousins you need to supply your DNA. If on the other hand you have a lengthy tree going back to Yorkshire, Lancashire, Cumbria, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, Wiltshire or Gloucestershire we really need you and the information you have. Lets not forget Scotland, Wales, Staffordshire and Shropshire. Even Devon had a William Langton strung up at an early date, but perhaps he was really a Langdon.

So come on get those dusty old results out and email them to us, it won't hurt. If you haven't been tested join in the party. The result will be the same for all your male relatives, only one of you needs to be tested, you could even share the cost.

The Langton surname occurs in various forms Langton, Lankton, Lancton, Lanckton, Langliton, Lington, Langtun, Langten, Lanton and there may be others. If you are any of these we believe you belong to the Langton Family. If your name is LangSton, LangStonE or LangDon, we're sorry we don't think you belong to us. If however you are hoping against hope, you can still send us your results for comparison.

Our general feeling is that there is likely to be a stronger match among Langtons because the name relates to an actual settlement whereas both LangDon (Long Down) and LangSton (Long stone) relate to geographical features not necessarily settlements.

Remember all those times you've been mistakenly called Langdon or Langston, don't let them beat us on the DNA as well - take action now. We may even be able to suggest relationships to some of the Langton Bishops and Chancellors. Let's get to fifty results this year.

There are lots of companies who you can have your DNA tested with, and you probably only need to buy the cheapest test on offer. Click HERE to read an article we wrote about the tests available, which we recomend, and where to buy them.

Click HERE for The Langton DNA Project page.