Langton DNA: What will it reveal

Your DNA may tell you which group of Langtons you belong to. Your DNA may even tell you which Langton village you come from. The Langtons are distributed through various areas but seem to fall into groups. Some of these Groups belong together and will share the same Y chromosome DNA.

Humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes. One of these pairs is X-Y in men, and X-X in women. The Y chromosome is the only part of human DNA that does not change in our offspring. All other chromosomes are a merged version of your parents, and are therefore unique. If you are a male then you have a Y chromosome, which you inherit from your Father (women dont have a Y chromosome, but have two X chromosomes instead). This means a male today has the same Y chromosome as all males in his ancestory.

Below is a list of early occurrences of Langtons in different locations and a few of the connections we know about.

Lincolnshire Langtons can trace back to Robert and Osbert about 1116. If you know you are connected and you already have had a Y-DNA test. Could you supply the Y code or could you have a test and supply it. If so Contact Us.We just need to establish the code. Is your Name Messingberg you may well have Langton DNA.

Leicestershire Langtons look as if they are a different group. Are you a Leicestershire Langton? Do you know your Y-DNA? Are you Leicestershire Langtons connected? Robert de Langeton was in West Langton in 1220. Anyone claim descent? We're interested in your DNA whatever. Bishop Walter may well belong to you as might Bishop John.

Lancashire Langtons seem to originate from Leicestershire. John de Langetone made the smart move of marrying Alice heiress of Banastre in 1286 and got the Lordship of Newton the Willows into the bargain. The Langtons were there 1286-1604 and were prominent Catholics. Are you Catholic? Are you descended from them? Are you a Lancashire Langton? Both Wigan and Preston are part of this story. But there may be other Langtons as well.

Don't just sit there in Chorley, Liverpool and Manchester, lets find the secrets in your DNA too!

Yorkshire have a Hugh and a Henry floating around the River Swale in Great Langton in the thirteenth century. Lots of clerical Langtons in Yorkshire. Anyone traced their family tree to this area, please let us know. Langtons in York (John and William 1249) and in Leeds. (John). Are you connected to the prominent Yorkshire Methodist preacher Henry Langton?

Nottinghamshire. The Langtons were at Kirkby in Ashfield at Langton House from the thirteenth century but they must have come from Lincolnshire or Leicestershire as there is no village of Langton in Nottinghamshire. The answer is in your DNA all you Forest and County supporters. You're probably descended from Geoffrey de Langeton but we'll never know unless you supply your DNA.

Derbyshire. Don't just sit there in Alfreton and Codnor. Are you linked to Lincs or related to those nice Notts or lovely Leics?

Oxfordshire/West Berkshire/Wiltshire. You are probably descended from the Lincolnshire Langtons who moved into the area in the 17th century.

If you are from Swindon or Calne we would be particularly interested to find out your descent. Lincs/Bristol, or elsewhere?

Newbury, Berkshire - We have our DNA for the Newbury Langtons but whose DNA does it match with? We think Lincolnshire/ Wiltshire but we havent found solid evidence yet. If you descend from the Newbury Langtons then your DNA will almost certainly match with ours, and we hope to match it to Lincolnshire, or elsewhere.

If you have Langton Y-DNA from Thatcham get yourself swabbed. You may or may not be linked with those in Newbury - there appear to be two sources here.

East Berkshire (Maidenhead Bray) Early Langtons but where were they from? Your DNA could solve the puzzle.

Bristol Langtons from Lincolnshire according to Burkes peerage but can we prove it? The Bristol Langtons link to the Gore Langtons but the Gore-Langtons will have Gore Y chromosomes. If you are a Bristol Langton descendant through the male line though then wed like to compare your DNA with those in Lincolnshire to prove the link.

Cheshire. If you're over the border in Cheshire you may have a Bristol connection, or is your connection elsewhere?

Bedford Langtons in 1582. From where though?

Come on you Buckingham Langtons don't remain a mystery.

London Langtons from 1325 John de Langeton. But there are almost certainly a variety of links including ones from Lincolnshire and Bristol.

Come on west London don't be stationary in St Pancras. Join in Kensington and Bethnal Green. Get doing the Lambeth swab Surrey

Westmoreland/Cumbria. You may be related to Bishop Thomas Langton.

Berwick. Aleyn de Langton 1291 and David 1330. English or a borderer come on give up the secrets in your DNA.

Durham. Where do you lot originate from? We should be able to find out.

Dublin 1764, there are several theories, but the concensus seems to be that you originate from the Lincolnshire Langtons. With a bit of DNA we should be able to prove it.

U.S.A. Come on America give up your DNA and establish your English heritage. There were several links to the US, some through the Mormons in Utah, we know some moved there from Newbury, and we know of Langtons settling in other parts of America early on around the 17th century.

Don't be chicken Rhode Island

Canada. We know you're there, but who were your English ancestors?

Australia. You lot in Toowoomba and Queensland or the rest of Australia. Come on Sheila get them to give the beer a rest and get tested, come on, dont be shy!

Taranaki, and the rest of you New Zealanders, now is your chance!

Argentina, I know there's a big Langton family out there that originated from the UK.

So there it is. If you have had a test, consider sharing your results with us. You can remain anonymous if you wish, or share your other details on this site as we have.

If you have more information on family trees in these areas let us know.

If you have uncovered earlier Langtons in these areas then correct us, we'll be happy to update this article.

If you are from areas not represented let us know your Langton history.

Here is the first offering from the Newbury/Portsmouth, and this will match those descended from Newbury 1679 onwards, including those who moved to Salt Lake City, Utah.

Even if you dont match with our DNA, the more Langtons who provide their DNA, the more chance there is that we can match you with someone else and work out which Langtons you descend from.

DYS # Code
19 14
388 14
390 24
391 10
392 11
393 12
389i 10
389ii-I 17
425 12
426 11

Who will be the first person to say snap? And where will you be from? Who will be the first to open up a different sequence? Where will you be from?

Come on Team Langton, lets get to the bottom of it!

Places where you can get a test

We had our test done by Oxford Ancestors. A spin-off company following research carried out by the university of Oxford.

There are lots of other companies who you can have your DNA tested with, and you probably only need to buy the cheapest test on offer. Click HERE to read an article we wrote about the tests available, which we recomend, and where to buy them.

Click HERE for The Langton DNA Project page.