The Kinghams

My Mother Rosemary, was a Kingham before she married into the Langton family, and therefore I, as well as other Kingham familiy members are interested in this side of the family tree. This section of the site is dedicated to the Kingham family. Individuals in the Kingham tree can be found in the main Family Tree section alongside the Langtons.

The Kingham name seems to have originated from the village of Kingham, in Oxfordshire:

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Unlike the Langton place name, this seems to be the only Kingham village in the country which makes identifying our Kingham origin more certain. It is recorded in the Domesday Book of 1086 as 'Caningeham' and in the 'Feet of Fines' for Oxfordshire of 1220, had become 'Kaingeham'.

In terms of frequency there are 31 Kinghams per million people in Britian, 0.003%, this is rarer than the Langton name at 76 Langtons per million people in Britian, 0.008%.

Below i list the inforamtion that we currently have on our Kingham line along with photos of those individuals, more research is order to build on what we have.