Father's Day DNA

Happy Fathers Day, Dad Langton! Best present for, Grandpa Langton, Pop, Grandad or simply Daddy is a DNA test.

Let’s face it in a fortnight’s time he probably won’t even remember what your planning to get him for the great day. Some Dad’s have had loads of Father’s Days, what on earth can you give them that’s different? - A DNA test that’s what!

The Langton track record on this so far seems to be throwing up rare DNA. Take a look at the article Rare Blood of Langton.

Some of the places where you can get these tests are listed below. You contact one of the companies, they send a test kit. He takes a mouth swab and you send it off. Back comes the result which you can compare to others on Lost Langtons. You might find a long lost Langton cousin in Australia or Tibet, well perhaps not Tibet...

The Langton DNA project has alot of profiles now, representing almost all of the Langton families, of which there are about a dozen. So chances are very high that you will match someone, and not only will you discover long lost relatives, but there is a good chance that we can tell you which Langton village your ancestors owned and took their name from 1150AD.

Places where you can get a test

There are lots of companies who you can have your DNA tested with, and you probably only need to buy one of the cheapest tests on offer. Click HERE to read an article we wrote about the tests available, which we recomend, and where to buy them.

Click HERE for The Langton DNA Project page.